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Amanda, owner of and trainer at Family Hound Training, is proud to provide practical, home-based training. Conveniently located in Northwest Austin, Amanda takes training where it needs to happen, whether that's at your home, the vet clinic, or the outdoor patio at your favorite coffee shop. Amanda's unique perspective and practical solutions are delivered in a way that focuses on you, your family, and your hound.


After 10 years providing behavior consultations in family homes, Amanda decided to pursue her dream of working with animals. She has been rescuing, fostering, and training dogs since 1996. Years and years of working with backyard trainers left her with incomplete skills and no real understanding of how dogs learn. 

Hank and Honey, Amanda’s current dogs, forced her to reexamine everything she knew about canines. Both dogs were so reactive that Amanda was at the point of having to surrender them, after working with multiple trainers for years. Clicker training transformed her relationship with her animals. After completing the KPA Dog Trainer Professional course, Amanda launched Family Hound Training. 

Amanda excels at supporting families as they transition from training methods that haven't worked for the pet parents or the animals. Kind, steady, and passionate, Amanda loves helping people learn a different way of teaching dogs skills they need to live in a human world. Active in the animal rescue community, Amanda is passionate about helping dogs succeed in their homes, avoiding surrender to the shelter system.

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  • Private training, at your home, our home, or in the community
  • Specialized training around cooperative care, separation anxiety, multi-dog households, and rescue transitions
  • Seminars on topics such as canine communication, multi-dog households, and more
  • Small group classes on basic obedience for the family dog
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Tailored, family-centered training focused on teaching skills that enhance the human-animal bond
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+1 (737) 999-2352
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+1 (737) 999-2352
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