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My life has been spent observing, studying, and analyzing data from various species around the world. I have earned several undergraduate degrees, a master’s degree, and, most recently, the coveted title of Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP).

Every training session gives me an opportunity to learn and grow, which is what keeps me coming back for more! Using positive reinforcement techniques allows your pets to feel comfortable making mistakes, and still encourages them to learn and grow. I love watching owners exhibit complete shock and exclaim, with jaws dropped, "I NEVER thought in a million years she could do that! Oh my goodness! She has to be the smartest dog in the world!"

My ultimate goal is to help bridge the human/pet communication gap and help owners and their pets create or maintain a strong, secure bond throughout their lives. If you need one-on-one training or in-home behavioral counseling—or if there is just one thing you'd love to change to make your relationship with your pet all you ever wanted it to be—you are not alone. I am here to support you and help you along any of these pathways.


My quest for understanding why animals behave as they do started when I was very young. My first word was "bow-wow!" Clearly, I felt it was more important to try to communicate with the neighbor's dog than try to speak to my own parents. As a young child, I lived in the country and couldn't soak up enough information about the various species I interacted with daily. That is why when I earned my bachelor's degree I varied my studies so that I could receive a well-rounded behavioral education.

I have undergraduate degrees in ecology, biology, and psychology. I studied, and even taught, advanced tropical ecology in field schools in Costa Rica where I rehabilitated and released three black-handed spider monkeys into the wild. My adventures took me to South Africa as well, where I observed Chacma baboons and dove with great white sharks!

In graduate school in New York, I earned a master’s degree in evolution, ecology, and behavior. I felt my education was missing something, though—I wanted that hands-on experience and the know-how of those amazing dog trainers I had seen on television. I researched and decided that the Dog Trainer Program at Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) was the best; I enrolled and spent six months studying and applying Karen Pryor’s methods. 

What I love is that Karen's program is in sync with everything I've learned throughout my formal education in terms of how animals learn best, what motivates animals, and more. The KPA force-free methods and positive reinforcement training resonate with my own ethical compass, and I enjoy the process of training an animal from beginning to end. 

Every single time I conduct a training session, I learn something new. I am someone who values education and feels that each new piece of information I gain is one more piece of the puzzle. This outlook helps me understand the bigger picture. The Karen Pryor method and philosophy simply work best for me. Positive reinforcement training benefits the trainer (me) like it benefits the trainee (dog, cat, bird, etc.), keeping us learning and growing with each other. Ultimately, it is this ever-growing, evolving relationship that helps seal our bond, creating an understanding that helps bridge the communication barrier.

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  • In-home Behavioral Counseling/Training
  • Pet Training (Not just dogs!)
  • Private Lessons
  • Helping You Choose the Right Pet for Your Family
  • Preparing for Your New Arrival (baby or pet)
  • Helping You Solve Your Animal Behavior Problems
  • Mommy and Me Private Lessons (for those with small children and pets)
  • Family Training (and How to Keep Kids Safe)
  • Discounts on Multi-Lesson Packages
  • Puppy Training and Tips
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In-home Behavioral Counseling/Training, Pet Training (Not just dogs!), Private Lessons, Group Classes, Helping You Choose the Right Pet for Your Family, Preparing for Your New Arrival (baby or pet), Helping You Solve Your Animal Behavior Problems, Family Training (and How to Keep Kids Safe), Puppy Training and Tips, Discounts on Multi-Lesson Packages
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