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Amy is a Registered Veterinary Technician with more than 20 years of animal experience. As a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPACTP) she is thrilled to be able to offer puppy kindergarten classes, clicker training, and behavior-modification consults at Lake City Animal Clinic. Amy also does private in-home training.


Amy has always had a passion for animals. She began working in veterinary medicine after graduating with an associate of applied science degree in veterinary technology from Purdue University in 1995. Since that time Amy has worked in small animal practices throughout Indiana. She has called Lake City Animal Clinic “home” since she began working there in 2001.

An interest in animal behavior specifically developed after Amy was fortunate enough to attend an extensive 5-day dog behavior-modification and training course through Purdue's Veterinary Behavior Clinic in 2004. There she was introduced to the powerful positive-reinforcement training tool called a clicker. After attending this course, Amy immediately created a puppy kindergarten class at her clinic, with the focus on socialization and positive-reinforcement training. She feels strongly that getting puppies and their owners started off on the right foot is vitally important to creating a happy, healthy, well-balanced dog—and to strengthening the human-animal bond. 

For several years it has been Amy's goal to become a certified trainer through Karen Pryor Academy. In June of 2016, Amy made this goal a reality when she graduated from the KPA Dog Trainer Professional program as a Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP).

Amy shares her home with her husband, three children, four dogs, and four cats.

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Amy offers puppy kindergarten classes, clicker training, and behavior-modification consults, as well as in-home training consults.

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puppy kindergarten classes, one-on-one and in-home consultations
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