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Bourgoyne, Ph.D, KPA CTP

As the founding instructor for @thedogrun Canine Learning Center for Puppy Parenting and Beyond, located in Baton Rouge, LA, Tammy's mission is to help pets and the people who love them successfully connect for life. For pet parents of dogs and puppies of any age, Tammy offers private coaching sessions and consultations. For puppies 12 weeks of age or less (at enrollment), Tammy offers a group puppy socialization and parenting class based on the Puppy Start Right curriculum. One-on-one Puppy Start Right sessions are another option.  For pet parents of dogs with behavior issues associated with fear and anxiety such as aggression and reactivity, Tammy frequently collaborates with veterinary behavior professionals as a member of the behavioral treatment team to aid implementation of the prescribed treatment plan. Through Beacon Pets for Success, Tammy also promotes continuing education in animal behavior for veterinary professionals and others working with animals. In March 2015, Beacon Pets hosted The TEAM Approach: The Behavior of DOGS!, a seminar presented by TEAM Education in Animal Behavior.


In 1996, Tammy completed advanced degrees in engineering and began working fulltime as an engineer. As a pet parent searching for solutions to behavior issues among her own dogs, she soon rediscovered her passion for teaching and learning. As a result of that search, Tammy discovered Karen Pryor and the Karen Pryor Clicker Training website.

With a background in the practical application of science as an engineer, and as someone who finds activity requiring any athletic ability beyond hand-eye coordination challenging, Tammy found clicker training much more appealing than the traditional obedience classes available at the time. Clicker training was the solution for which she had been searching. Out of a desire to share what had been "discovered," Tammy changed careers so that she could help other pet parents like herself searching for answers.

@thedogrun, was established in 2004, and Tammy began offering in-home, private, pet dog training services. After learning about the benefits of positive puppy socialization when she was seeking help for a family member's fearful puppy in 2006, Tammy searched for a curriculum based on behavioral research. She added her own puppy socialization and parenting group class in 2009. Tammy continued to improve her training and instructional skills by enrolling in the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Dog Trainer Program. In 2012, Tammy graduated from the KPA Dog Trainer Program with the help and support of faculty, classmates, friends, family, and her miniature poodle, Brother Marty, from whom she learned so much.

Tammy has a particular interest in behavior and behavior modification for fearful and anxious dogs and collaborates often with veterinary behavior professionals as a member of the behavioral treatment team to aid pet parents implementing the treatment plan prescribed.  Tammy also has experience applying the STARR method (as developed and described by Team Education in Animal Behavior) which can help reduce reactivity in dogs using simple clicker training techniques.

Currently, Tammy shares her home with a second generation of dogs after losing the last surviving members of the generation of dogs that started her on her path of discovery. She now lives in a second "full house" of 5 dogs.  The oldest is Hillary, formerly that fearful puppy and now a senior adult.  The gang of 3 well-socialized and totally clicker trained dogs includes Brother Marty (miniature poodle), Macy (beagle cross), and Rudy (beagle). Most recently, Lilah (Bull Terrier cross) completed the full house when her endearing spirit despite a severe injury and susequent abandoment at the vet clinic was impossible for Tammy to resist.

Services Offered: 
  • Private Coaching and Consultation for Pet Parents
  • Group/Private Puppy Socialization and Parenting Class
  • Aid with Behavioral Treatment for Behavior Disorders (Fear/Anxiety)
  • Experienced with STARR Method for Reducing Reactivity
  • Puppy Start Right Curriculum
  • Life Skills KPA Curriculum
  • Modular Lessons with Membership Style Pricing and Benefits (Learn more. Spend Less)
  • Promote Continuing Edication in Animal Behavior
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Tammy strives to help pets and the people who love them successfully connect for life. For pet parents of dogs of any age, Tammy offers customized coaching and consultations. Tammy promotes prevention and education in behavior with a puppy socialization and parenting class and by aiding pet parents successfully implement behavioral treatment plans.
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