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Bryony Aviles, head trainer and Owner of Sandy Paws Dog Training & Pet Sitting is proud to be the CT shoreline's first Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP).  Sandy Paws is conveniently located in Branford, CT and offers classes to residents of Guilford, Madison, and Branford. Bryony currently offers a Delightful Puppy Class (puppy kindergarten), Charming Dog Class (Basic Manners) and specific topical classes.  She also offers a "Real World" class for graduates for intermediate level dogs to practice their training around town. 


To meet your needs, Bryony is also happy to offer day training options (training of your dogs while you're busy at work, with a transfer session and follow-up to pass all your dogs new tricks on to you!), as well as private training sessions.  She is looking forward to working with you and your dog! 


Bryony likes to refer to herself as a "recovering attorney."  After running her own successful law practice in Denver, Colorado for over 5 years, Bryony decided that she needed a change of pace when moving with her husband back to the east coast. Leaving her law practice in the competent hands of her partner, Bryony set out down the road of dog training and opening a top-quality pet services business, Sandy Paws, LLC.  In love with dogs and cats, and craving to be outside and physically active (practicing law didn't leave much time for either of these), working with dogs along the CT shoreline presented itself as the perfect answer.  

Bryony knew that she wanted to pursue dog training while volunteering at a local shelter. She has the good fortune to mentor under an incredibly educated and experienced behaviorist who showed her how much can be done to work with dogs on behavioral issues, and how far basic manners training went to help dogs stay in their forever homes and for families to live happily with their new canines.  She was sold.  Bryony committed to proper training through Catch Canine Trainers Academy, and then went on to study through the Karen Pryor Academy.  She continues to attend continuing education programming and is working towards becoming a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Association for Professional Dog Trainers. 

​When not adventuring with her fur clients, Bryony stays busy at home with her husband, Jose, their one-year-old daughter Sofia and their four crazy fur babies: two orange and white rescued kitties, Nugget and Neko, and two rescued pups: Luna, a lab mix rescued from the Dumb Friends League in Denver, CO and Lily, a pit/terrier mix rescued from The Bully Project in New York, NY.  Bryony has volunteered extensively with animal rescues, including in New York and Colorado, and now in Connecticut through the Connecticut Humane Society.

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Sandy Paws offers convenient evening classes as well as weekend classes, to accomodate your busy schedule.  Current class offerings include: Delightful Puppy Class (puppy kindergarten) and Charming Dog Class (Basic Manners) as well as specific topical classes and "Real World" classes to help intermediate students practice their training around town.


We also offer day training - Our unique day training program takes all the work out of training your dog. We come to your home while you are out and about, and work one-on-one with your dog (average 3 sessions/week) and two weeks later, we'll meet with you for a transfer session to pass on all of your dog's training to you.  Our clients are so happy with the results that they come back to us each time they get a new sibling dog.  All training is custom-tailored to your dog, with the trainer working with your dog alone! 


Finally, we offer private training sessions at your home or at an agreed-upon location (depending on what you want to work on with your dog).  Private training allows for Bryony to work one-on-one with you and your dog on the issues that you need help with.  Since we can move along at your pace, there is no waiting around for other dogs to catch up or feeling left behind in class.   All training will be custom-tailored to your wishes and your dog's needs.  We can meet in your home, at a park, or elsewhere - wherever it is that you need help with your dog!  Common issues addressed include: leash pulling, jumping, barking, introducing a new dog, nipping, chewing and "house/potty training".  

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Puppy socialization, puppy training, basic manners training, intermediate "real world" training, private sessions, day training, and help with getting a new puppy.
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