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My business, Nice Catch!, offers individualized education and training for single and multi-pet households. I use simple methods that focus on understanding, patience, and consistency. My goal is to help take the frustrations out of dog ownership so that you and your pet(s) can coexist joyfully.

  • 4+ years as a certified animal trainer
  • 3 years of shelter volunteer training, including helping educate other trainers
  • Experience training deaf dogs
  • 2 years accredited pet-sitting
  • 2 years canine free-range daycare
  • 12 years in rescue fostering and placing/marketing dogs of numerous breeds with various behavior and health issues
  • Extensive canine nutritional studies
  • Contributing writer to Atomic Dogg magazine's training column, as well as essays on dog ownership for Eckankar Journal, Angel Animals by Linda Anderson, and various local publications and newsletters
  • Current owner of 4 very loving, high-energy, intelligent, and problematic dogs—plus a hamster
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My specialty is working with families who want help with newly acquired or reactive dogs, high-energy dogs, puppies, packs, and dogs with special needs, such as geriatric and deaf dogs. I can also help with questions about emergencies and community resources, as well as with the process of acquiring the best dog for your family. I love teaching kids how to train, play with, and “speak” with their dogs safely.

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Education, training, and management in your home or at your vet clinic, favorite pet store, or other public places
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+1 (512) 656-2310
206 Creston Street
78634 Hutto , TX


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