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Christine provides dog training and behavior modification services in the Addison/Chittenden County areas of Vermont. Her goal is to help dogs and their persons bridge the communication gap using fun and effective methods. A focus on reinforcing a job done well gets results and deepens the human-animal bond.

The training method is mark and reward training, often called clicker training if a clicker is used.  Other options exist if the clicker is not preferred by you or your dog.  This method is very effective in teaching your dog new behaviors and if your dog lacks confidence, clicker training can build confidence; if your dog is out of control, it can teach impulse control; if your dog guards his food bowl, we can help him learn that we aren't a threat; and if your dog reacts to other dogs or people, we can teach him that those things make good things happen. 


Being the animal lover that you might expect, along with having pets of her own as a child, Christine would spend her free days at the local shelter and visit with and walk dogs.  She has continued volunteering at shelters walking dogs and providing training as well as being a board member of a local Humane Society.  Compassionate animal care and training is certainly her passion. 

Several years ago Christine had been following the progress of the Victory dogs at Best Friends Animal Society and wanted to learn their methods for training these dogs, as the progress was amazing.  When she realized that BFAS offered dog training workshops, she signed up and started attending the 3 levels they offered.  That’s where she really learned the power of clicker training and decided to attend the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional program.

Since starting on this path of clicker training/positive reinforcement training, Christine has become a dog training science junkie, reading and watching videos by fabulous positive trainers and behaviorists as well as going to seminars and conferences any chance she gets.  She loves learning as well as experiencing the changes seen when positive force-free training is used.  It’s amazing the difference in the bond one has with their dog when there is no intimidation, coercion, or punishment. 

Christine has always liked problem solving and has enjoyed her job as a software analyst and developer because it continually challenged her brain.  Dog training is also great for working the brain as every dog is different, requiring analysis of that dog, his environment and what causes him to behave in such a way.  Dogs act like dogs and behave in a way that works for them; we just need to figure out what triggers those behaviors and what is reinforcing them.  At that point we can make some changes (if it’s an undesirable behavior of course) to the triggers or the reinforcements.

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Christine offers private, in-home training and behavior modification at your convenience.  She also offers classes at Comfort Hill Kennel in Vergennes, VT.

If you schedule an appointment, first we'll meet to discuss your goals and challenges.  If it's behavior modification that you're looking for, we'll figure out what is triggering and reinforcing these behaviors and put together a plan that includes management and training to encourage a more acceptable behavior.  If you're looking for basic training, then we'll schedule sessions that will get you to your training goals in the most reasonable amount of time.  Together, we'll determine the best path to get you to your end goal that works with your lifestyle and your and your dog's personalities.  

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I offer private, in-home training and behavior modification at your convenience along with group classes.
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