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I am the owner of Moma & Co Positive Animal Learning. The company believes in the importance of teaching animals through ethical methods with a solid scientific foundation. This type of training builds trust and mutual understanding between animals and their humans.

At Moma & Co, we are also committed to decreasing animal relinquishment and abandonment. We do this by educating people about normal animal behaviour, and by working to prevent and resolve problem behaviours and behavioural disorders. Worldwide, behaviour problems are the leading causes of the human-animal bond breakdown.

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A Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) graduate and Certified Training Partner (CTP), I am also a Bach Flower Remedies Animal Practitioner.

I have always been surrounded by animals. I spent the first years of my life in the countryside and riding horses. We always had dogs at home and hired trainers to educate them. It was not until I took my first professional animal training course (Animal Assisted Therapy Diploma at the University) that I realised that all the training techniques I learned in the countryside, as an equestrian, and with my own dog´s trainers, were based on punishment and force. From that time forward I have been committed to learning animal behaviour and training based on positive and force-free methods.

Living in a country where animals have little or no value, my main goal as a trainer is to enhance the bond between families and their animals in order to keep the latter in their homes. Currently, I am based in Viña del Mar, Chile, where I live with my 10 rescued street dogs.

Services Offered: 

Some of the most common services we provide at Moma & Co are:

Basic Dog Manners Class

The basic dog manners course is 10 theoretical-practical sessions in a series. The goals of the course are for owners to gain the necessary skills to teach their dogs new behaviours, to learn how to solve training problems, and to prevent problem behaviours in the future.

Puppy Class

The puppy programme is 6 theoretical-practical sessions in a series. The goal of the course is for owners to gain the necessary skills to address the three main aspects of raising a puppy: socialisation, problem-behaviours prevention, and early problem-solving and basic manners.

B-MOD Programme

The behaviour-modification programme focuses on the application of functional behavioural assessment, which is the process of developing hypotheses and conclusions to determine the functional relations between an animal’s problem behaviour and the environment. The functional approach allows for tailoring the correct intervention for each individual. This programme can be used to decrease undesirable behaviour, increase appropriate alternative behaviours, and teach new skills.

Specialised Translation Services of Animal Behaviour and Training Books, Guides, and Handbooks (from English to Spanish)

Our team consists of two bilingual professionals with specific knowledge of the technical and scientific terminology of animal behaviour and training. In addition, we work closely with the experienced editorial and design professionals who collaborate with us for major projects.

Some translations produced by us:

Guide to Living with & Training a Fearful DogGuía para tratar y convivir con un perro temeroso | Debbie Jacobs, CPDT-KA, CAP

Behavior Adjustment Training: BAT for Fear, Frustration, and Aggression in DogsAdiestramiento para el ajuste del comportamiento: BAT para el miedo, la frustración y la agresión en perros | Grisha Stewart, MA, CPDT-KA

Dogtec Products| Productos de Dogtec:

- The Business Toolkit for Trainers | Manual de empresa para adiestradores caninos
 - The Homework Toolkit | Manual de tareas
 - The Puppy Class Curriculum | Programa para cachorros

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Moma & Co offers positive reinforcement training, behaviour modification, and complementary therapies for both domestic and exotic animals. The company also provides English-to-Spanish translation services of animal behaviour and training books, guides, and handbooks.
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