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Daša specializes in teaching young puppies and their people, using clicker training exclusively. The goal is to raise happy, responsive dogs that take great joy in learning and working with their owners and families. Daša’s teaching format combines private coaching with classes of no more than four puppy/handler teams. This format allows plenty of individualized attention and encourages rapid progress.

Daša and her own dogs have competed in obedience (in the UK and in the US), and served in both wilderness and urban search-and-rescue. Her family includes four black German shepherds and two Lusitano dressage horses.


Scientific background:

BSc in Biology (MIT, 1987)

PhD in Chemistry (University of Cambridge, 1990)

Dog training and teaching experience:

Obedience Instructor, 2nd Grade (British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, 1990)

TAGteach Primary Certification (TAGteach International, 2012)

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (Karen Pryor Academy, 2013)

Services Offered: 
  • Clicker training for dogs, especially puppies
  • Private coaching and small classes
  • Puppy socialization
  • In-home training and field trips to other real-life locations
  • Weeknight and weekend times
  • E-mail support
Services Offered Summary: 
Clicker training for puppies. Private coaching and small classes.
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+1 (617) 913-9826
PO Box 610
02478 Belmont , MA


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