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Dallas Kelley is the head trainer and owner of Happy Animalz Training Service (H.A.T.S.). H.A.T.S. is located in the Sammamish, Washington, area and offers consultations, obedience, behavioral, and advanced training. Lessons are tailor-made to fit your needs, as well as your pet's needs.


Dallas Kelley started out working for a Labradoodle breeder. She helped whelp, raise, and train puppies. Toward the end of her time working for the breeder, Dallas worked with a toy Australian shepherd that had some advanced fear issues. He was afraid of loud noises and too much commotion, among many other things that he encountered in his everyday life. It was because of this dog and a friend who had recently found clicker training that Dallas began using clicker training herself. The positive training style allowed Dallas to work with the fearful dog in a way that lowered his stress and allowed him to enjoy life more. That dog now lives a much more relaxed life with his owner.

After helping the toy Australian shepherd, Dallas decided to attend Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) to receive her professional training certification. During the KPA Dog Trainer Professional program, she worked with a friend's golden retriever that had boundless energy and was learning to remain calm and sit still for long periods of time. Throughout the class, Dallas was able to make considerable progress, despite not always having easy access to the dog during the week.

Dallas Kelley now runs her own business, Happy Animalz Training Service. Her goal is to help people better their lives and relationships with their pets through positive clicker training.

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Happy Animalz Training Service offers:

  • Consultations: Consultations help Dallas get to know you and your pet(s) so that she can understand how to help you.
  • Obedience Training: This training includes behaviors such as sit, stay, come, and wait, plus many more. We can also work on teaching an animal to perform these behaviors at a distance and in high-distraction locations, among many other circumstances.
  • Behavioral Training: This training includes working with animals that have fear and/or aggression problems, among many other issues. I will help you troubleshoot problems and work with you to find solutions.
  • Advanced Training: Work that includes training more specific behaviors for performance, tricks, and much more.
  • Skype Meetings: These meetings are designed to provide a convenient way to have a lesson on short notice—if you are too far away to meet in person, if you need help with troubleshooting, or to discuss your training goals and training plans.

Consultations can take place over the phone, on Skype, or in person. Lessons can take place in your home or in another animal-friendly location. It is my goal to offer as much help as I can, aiding you and your animal friends in enjoying life together! Lessons and consultations are designed to be convenient for both you and your pets. If you are looking for help with your pets, H.A.T.S. is here!

Preferred contact method is by e-mail: happyats@outlook.com

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Happy Animalz Training Service offers phone, Skype, or in-person consultations. We also offer Obedience, Behavioral, and Advanced training that can take place in your home or in other animal-friendly environments.
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