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Angela learned about the effectiveness of positive reinforcement early, first in her career as a ballerina and dance teacher, and then again in her successful career in information technology. She has had many opportunities to teach people difficult concepts using positive methods. Angela has seen the effectiveness of clicker training firsthand with her current search dog, "Shakti." This dog provided new challenges, and after discussing reactive behavior with several trainers around the country, Angela decided to use the clicker to teach her dog to target an object. The result was a remarkably calmer dog that fully participated in the learning process and became much more focused. Angela was impressed with the enthusiasm and speed with which the dog learned the behavior.

After attending her first ClickerExpo, Angela decided to learn all she could about clicker training, and became one of the first Certified Training Partners to graduate from Karen Pryor Academy. Angela also enjoys teaching human partners about their canine companions, showing both dog and owner how to build a rewarding bond through understanding and respect of each other's behaviors.


Angela Eaton's first dog was a German shepherd assigned to be the family's guardian while they lived in Pakistan, and dogs have always played an integral part in her life. Angela's passion for working with dogs was influenced further, watching avalanche dogs work in Europe.

In 1976, Angela took her first basic obedience class and became so excited about teaching dogs that she began competing in obedience trials. With her dogs, she won many High in Trial awards throughout the years, and fell in love with teaching and learning from dogs.

Angela has shown her dogs in breed championships, and has even had some experience using them to herd sheep and goats. When she moved to Colorado, Angela trained her Belgian Malinois for search and rescue in the Rocky Mountain wilderness. She uses her ongoing fascination with animal behavior to teach, mentor, and assist many other dog handlers. Her book, Barron's Guide to Search and Rescue Dogs (2004), emphasizes the close partnership between the dog and the handler, as well as the value of teaching complex behaviors to empower that lifelong partnership.

Angela has now added training and program development for service dogs to her bio.  She is the Executive Director of Canine Partners of the Rockies, which raised, trains, and places highly skilled service dogs with people who have disabilities.  She loves working with the dogs and their partners, as well as the wonderful people who raise and train the puppies.

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Angela's business, Clicker Joy, is built on the knowledge that joyful learning creates powerful results. Services offered through Clicker Joy include:

  • Private and Group Classes
  • Behavior Modification
  • Consultation
  • Private In-home Sessions
  • Puppy Life Skills
  • Basic Manners for Adolescent and Adult Dogs
  • Working, Competition, and Performance Dog Skills
  • Scent Detection/Indication
  • Connection and Communication with Dogs
  • Seminars and Workshops
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Private and Group Classes; Behavior Modification Consultation; Private In-home Sessions; Puppy Life Skills; Basic Manners for Adolescent & Adult Dogs; Working, Competition, and Performance Dog Skills; Scent Detection/Indication; Connection and Communication with Dogs; Seminars and Workshops.
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