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Edwards, MD, FACS

Dana believes emphatically that the best, most effective, and most rewarding method of communicating with a dog is the clicker method. He has a great desire to work with dogs that are abused and depressed for any reason, but particularly with dogs that have experienced aversive training methods in the past.

Dana also believes that the best training is individual training at his farm.


Born and educated in Alabama, Dana spent most of his youth riding horses, swimming in the creeks and lakes with his collie, and dreaming of training dogs to perform at his whispered word. He discovered the operant method in 2006 and quickly discarded all other methods of training. Dana believes the only way to train is to communicate, and the only way to communicate is with a clicker. A very busy general surgeon with a love of surgery but a passion for dogs, Dana believes operant training is like surgery—quick, precise, addictive, fun, and very effective.

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Dana only offers individual instruction for clients, due to his busy schedule in surgery. He offers classes for puppies and adults, competitive obedience, protection, and herding. For training herding dogs in tracking and herding, Dana has a large farm and uses his flock of St. Croix hair sheep. In addition, Dana has a pond for training retrieving and hunting dogs.

Manchester , KY


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