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Elaine Graham is head trainer and owner of Start Here Clicker Training, LLC. She is proud to serve Poulsbo and surrounding areas. Elaine's primary service is training that builds foundation skills for adult dogs, horses, and their owners. Also offered is the Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Start Right Preschool course. All training is offered in private or group sessions.


Elaine grew up on a farm in Southern Oregon where she began her relationship with an assortment of animals. Four years of training pigs for 4-H projects during school years created a serious interest in animal behavior.

During college years, Elaine and her husband were live-in attendants at a local veterinary hospital in Oregon. This launched Elaine’s 25-year career as a veterinary tech. Later experience at an animal shelter gave her further exposure to dog behavior specifically. Elaine taught the shelter's beginning trainers some of the foundation skills needed to work with at-risk dogs. The shelter experience inspired Elaine to acquire the additional techniques needed for positive reinforcement dog training. 

In 2013, Elaine enrolled in the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Dog Trainer Professional program and graduated in March of 2014. During the summer of 2014, Elaine opened up Treat It, LLC, in Kitsap County in order to offer quality dog training in Poulsbo and the surrounding area. (Since then, Elaine's business name has transitioned from Treat It, LLC, to Start Here Clicker Training, LLC.) In March of 2015, Elaine completed Karen Pryor Academy's Puppy Start Right Course.

As a KPA CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner), Elaine enjoys working with clients to experience the joys and pride of a clicker trained dog. 

Elaine also teaches piano and flute, instruments that both of her rescue dogs enjoy. Teaching music in the public schools and at the college level for the past 54 years has helped Elaine master the skills and techniques necessary for group classes and private instruction.

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Start Here Clicker Training, LLC, currently offers sessions focusing on everyday, real-world, foundation skills such as loose-leash (no pull) walking, sit to greet people, wait in a location until released, just to name a few. These private or group sessions are available either in-home, at two veterinary clinics, or at a local parks and recreation facility year round.

The 5-week Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Start Right Preschool Curriculum is also offered for puppies 7-16 weeks of age, either privately, at the veterinary clinics, or inside at the local parks and recreation facility. Special-interest sessions for dogs, such as calm behavior at the groomer or for veterinary visits, can also be provided. These special-interest sessions are also appropriate for at-home general care, such as nail trimming, brushing, and bathing. 

Basic clicker sessions for horses are also available. These sessions focus on developing a calm, respectful relationship with a horse during daily grooming and riding.

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Private in-home, group sessions at two veterinary clinics or at a local Parks and Rec. Department facility using clicker training for foundation skills and behavior modification for adult dogs. Karen Pryor Academy's Puppy Start Right Preschool Curriculum is also offered for puppies 7-16 weeks of age. Special-interest sessions, such as grooming & veterinary manners, are also offered. In addition, private in-home sessions for horses that focus on calm interaction during daily care and basic recreational riding are available.
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