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Located in Elmwood Park, IL, Erica offers convenient in-home dog training for puppies or adult dogs in the Chicagoland suburbs. She teaches A Sound Beginning class, a training program for rescue dogs, along with puppy classes at Animal Care League in Oak Park, IL.


Erica grew up with dogs, cats, parrots, turtles, a ferret, and even two ducks. She graduated from the University of Illinois where she majored in Animal Science, and eventually found a home at DuPage County Animal Care and Control as an intern. It was there where everything fell into place and Erica realized that she wanted to play a role in the rehabilitation, and improvement in the lives, of shelter animals. She remained at DCACC for more than 9 years.

Erica’s involvement in training stemmed from her wish to enrich the lives of the shelter animals in her care. She realized that the animals coming into the shelter began to show improved behavior with positive reinforcement training. The clicker method led to dogs that were excited for training and learned behaviors quickly. It also provided the mental stimulation the dogs lacked.

Erica knew that Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) was the step she needed to further her dog-training career and add to her skill set. She graduated with distinction from Karen Pryor Academy’s Dog Trainer Professional program as a KPA Certified Training Partner (CTP) in June 2013. Since then, Erica has been teaching classes at Oak Park Animal Care league and providing private in-home training lessons.

From her years of experience at the shelter, Erica understands how to read animal body language and the power behind positive reinforcement. The combination of this experience and training allows Erica to work with pet families toward the goal of a well-behaved animal, a dog that any owner would be happy to share a home with!

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  • Private, in-home training for puppies and adult dogs
  • Group classes offered through A Sound Beginning Program at Animal Care League in Oak Park, IL
  • Puppy classes at Animal Care League in Oak Park, IL
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Customized in-home training for puppies and adult dogs: crate training, leash manners, puppy mouthiness, jumping, counter-surfing, potty training, and more Group classes for rescue dogs through A Sound Beginning Program and puppy classes at Animal Care League in Oak Park, IL
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