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Helix Fairweather, KPA CTP, has been clicker training since 1996 and is truly committed to this way of communicating with dogs. She offers group classes and private consultations, all with the goal of helping people and their dogs learn to live together and have fun.

Also the co-creator of the online pet dog training course offered at www.cyberdogonline.com, Helix’s wish is for force-free training to become the social norm.


Helix has a BS in physics from Oregon State University and an MS in physics and astrophysics from the University of New Mexico. She says, “I went off to grad school to be an astrophysicist and came back home hooked on dog training.”

A contributing author for Clean Run magazine and The Clicker Journal, Helix is a member of both the Karen Pryor Academy faculty and the ClickerExpo faculty. She lives with Joey (bearded collie), Marcus (elder Havanese), and the adolescent, but still charming, Rosanne Rosannadanna (PBGV—Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen).

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Behavior problems solved! Whether the solution is one lesson to teach the dog a new coping skill or a behavior modification program to ensure long-term progress towards your goals for your dog - Your Dog's Personal Trainer does it all! Get your puppy off to a good start with our Puppy Preview Package! Online classes too!
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