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Katherine is committed to increasing the bond between dogs and their owners and enriching their lives. 


Katherine is a Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner as well as a Certified Canine Behaviour Consultant. She has been working with dogs professionally as a trainer and behaviour consultant for over 25 years. 

Katherine has taught classes and conducted seminars and workshops all over North America on topics ranging from behaviour to nutrition to scent detection to performance sports. Katherine's experience includes training puppies and dogs of all ages, temperaments, breeds, and backgrounds and her own dogs have excelled in the sports of Disc Dog, Musical Freestyle, Scent Detection, Flyball and Dock Diving.  

Katherine offers an innovative and successful Reactive Dog Program via group classes, private sessions or board & train/day training formats. She also offers one on one online consultations and classes for those who live too far away to attend in person. 

Behaviour Consultations are available to help owners overcome behaviour challenges with their dogs. Katherine can help with problems such as housetraining, hyperactivity, resource guarding, isolation distress, fears/phobias, anxiety, reactivity, multi-dog household fighting and any other behaviour challenge owners may be having. 

Katherine also teaches trick classes for all levels from Beginners through to Advanced. In addition, she offers a Movie Mutts course. 

Katherine keeps up to date and incorporates current scientific research in animal behaviour, psychology, health and wellness into all her techniques and methods of training. Since 1992, Katherine has attended over 100 clinics, seminars and workshops throughout North America learning about animal behaviour, learning theory, physiology, health, and performance. 

Services Offered: 

Board & Train, Day Training

Reactive Dog Classes, Private Sessions and Online Coaching

Behaviour Consultation Services for Problem Behaviours

Chicken Camps: All Levels

Trick Dog Classes & Programs, Movie Mutts 

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Board & Train, Day Training: Basic & Advanced Training, Fiesty Fido, Scent Detection Sport Training: Nosework & Sport Detection, Disc Dog and Dock Diving Behaviour Consultation Services for Problem Behaviours Chicken Camps: All Levels
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+1 (705) 725-9099
8331 10th Line of Essa Township
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