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Love and friendship are two of the biggest incentives that people adopt their dogs in the first place.  Unfortunately, since dogs cannot speak english and we humans are not yet fluent in barking, there can be a break down in communication between dog and person that can lead to stress and frustration. Gabriella's goal is to work with both human and canine on how to communicate and build up a lasting, stress-free bond. By working with only positive, force-free methods your dog will not only learn what behaviors are desirable, but they will get mental enrichment, be happier, healthier and your bond will surely get stronger with each passing training session.


Gabriella has been working with animals as long as she can remember.  From a very young age, she took it upon herself to train all of the family pets in basic manners and polite behaviors.  Whenever she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up the answer was invariably one that involved working with animals.  Starting her first year of college, Gabriella got a job working at an animal rescue caring for the shelter dogs in particular.  It was here that she was first introduced to the wonders of professional dog training and behavior modification.  Upon graduating college she immediately enrolled in the Karen Pryor Academy for professional dog trainers.  She also began working with the shelter dogs on behavior modification to make them more appealing for potential adopters.  Gabriella has always found her work extremely rewarding, and loves every second that she gets to spend improving the lives of dogs and subsequently their human companions.

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For owners that have brought home a puppy, there is lots of training that needs to be done to ensure the pup grows up to be an amazing dog. Proper socialization is a huge necessity for your puppy to grow up to be a happy and well rounded dog free of any behavioral issues.  Gabriella will provide you with answers and training techniques for all of your puppy related questions and concerns such a potty training, socialization, puppy biting, chewing and many more.


For adult dogs, Gabriella offers in-home consultations to work one-on-one with you and your dog on modifying behaviors both in and out of the home.

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Puppy socialization and training. Private, in-home consultations and training for adult dogs.
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