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Gail has been training dogs for more than 25 years. She believes that positive training creates dogs that love to learn. Gail designs personalized training plans that allow dogs to achieve their full potential as valued members of the family and the community, and dog owners to hone their training skills. She specializes in family pet manners, preparing dogs for life with babies and children, "out-of-control" dogs, and training complex behaviors.


Gail has a PhD in Companion Animal Nutrition. She began her career as a faculty member at the University of Illinois, where she started training dogs in her spare time. Ever a student, Gail has spent the past several years improving her skills as a clicker trainer. In February 2011, she graduated from Karen Pryor Academy (KPA). Gail is a registered Dogs & Storks presenter and a registered Be A Tree presenter, educating the public on safe interactions between children and dogs and dog-bite prevention. She and her dogs are registered therapy dog teams (Pet Partners).

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Customized in-home training, dog and baby preparation and safety, good manners, off-leash control, therapy dog preparation, advanced skills, new puppy consultations. Substantial discounts offered for 501c3 rescue groups.

Dog-bite prevention education and basic obedience demonstrations.

Serving clients in the Metro East St. Louis area.

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Customized in-home training, good manners, new baby prep, safe dog-child interaction, off-leash control, therapy dog prep, advanced skills, new puppy consultations, group classes. Substantial discounts offered for 501c3 rescue groups. Dog-bite prevention education, basic obedience demonstrations. Serving clients in the Metro East St. Louis area
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