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A graduate of the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) for Animal Training & Behavior, Brian Goldrick has been a dog lover and training enthusiast for many years. Motivated by his own two dogs, Maggie and Stella, who were globally fearful and sound-phobic when he adopted them, Brian was determined to help his dogs learn to trust and feel safe. His goal was to cultivate their behavior at home and in public so as to allow their inner beauty to blossom.

Brian’s success with Maggie and Stella fueled his passion for dogs. What he learned about and from them convinced him that he could help other dog owners. Abandoning a career in nursing to become a fulltime trainer, he founded Those Dogs!, an in-home animal behavior consultation and dog training service, serving Western Massachusetts. A committed advocate of force-free clicker training, Brian is available for general puppy and obedience training. He specializes in working with shy, sound-phobic, fearful, and reactive dogs, offering dog owners a consultation, a comprehensive evaluation, and a personalized training program. Training sessions are designed specifically for clients’ needs and the behavioral goals they envision for their dogs. Brian provides ongoing advice and support to his clients, helping them to achieve and sustain the relationship with their pets they have always wanted.

Those Dogs!

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·        Private, in–home behavior consultations

·        Specialized services for timid, fearful, and reactive dogs

·        Consultations about aggressive dogs

·        Consultations with dog handlers on a case-by-case basis

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In-home private training behavior consultations specializing in fearful and timid dogs. I also consult with aggressive/reactive dogs and their handlers on a case-by-case basis.
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+1 (413) 887-9655
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