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Anna Jane Grossman is co-owner of School For The Dogs in Manhattan. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) as well as a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) graduate and Certified Training Partner (CTP). 

Anna Jane runs School For The Dogs, which offers intimate group classes in the East Village. School For The Dogs' flexible scheduling system allows students to come on their own schedule without worrying about missing or making up classes. School For The Dogs also provides private, in-home sessions for dogs and for humans who want to communicate better with their animals, learn training games to iron out problem behaviors, and fortify their relationships.


Anna Jane Grossman, known as Annie to her friends and clients, is a New York City journalist and dog trainer. Her writing about animals has appeared in New York Times, Gizmodo, The Boston, and the Associated Press, among other publications. She is also an associate producer for the Animal Planet television show Too Cute: Puppies & Kittens.

A Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP) and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), Anna Jane is one of only a handful of New York City dog trainers to have a CPDT-KA certification from the Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers. She writes about positive dog training, responsible pet ownership, and news related to New York animals on her website, TheDogs.

Services Offered: 

Private lessons

In one-on-one sessions, dogs and owners experience a personalized class that covers the fundamental tenets of managing and manipulating a dog’s behavior. Special focus is given to common issues affecting city dogs, including separation anxiety, on-leash aggression, unwanted barking, and in-house soiling.

Private lessons start at $95 and are offered both at your home and at our Manhattan training studio.

Puppy Kindergarten Classes

For puppies 5.5 months and younger, School For The Dogs runs New York’s only flexible-schedule group training classes—a format ideal for busy dog owners with unpredictable schedules. Register for a 5-session socialization class series and then decide each week which session you want to attend: Saturday or Wednesday. Need to skip a week? No problem. Want to come twice in one week? You can do that, too.

Sign-ups can be made up to one day in advance. Classes focus on socialization and clicker training basics.

About Our Puppy Socialization Classes

  • Start anytime: Unlike linear classes with rigid start dates that you might have to wait for, once you complete our 60-minute Dog Training 101 seminar you can get started right away! Don’t want to wait until our next orientation? Take a private lesson in lieu of the orientation, and start whenever you’d like.
  • Choose your day: Each week you can choose which day you’d like to attend class. Classes are currently offered Saturdays and Wednesdays.
  • Missing a class is okay: Just come a different day the week before or the week after to make up the class! You’re welcome to come to any available timeslot within your program’s timeframe for completion.
  • Customize your program: Come for extra classes and repeat classes if you need extra help!
  • Six dog max: Because of the high student/instructor ratio, our classes are designed to work with students who may be working at different levels. You’ll get personalized attention.

New students must take either a single private introductory lesson or come to our one-hour humans-only group Dog Training 101 seminar. Dog Training 101 is held twice a month on Fridays. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, complete our new client form and we will be happy to discuss the options.

Pricing $250 (includes 5 sessions—to be completed within 6 weeks of your first class)
Prerequisite Our one-hour humans-only group Dog Training 101 seminar or one private training introductory session
Days/Times Wednesdays at 7:30 pm; Saturdays at 11:00 am

Open Enrollment: Primary School

For dogs 5.5 months old and older, with or without previous training. Our open enrollment format allows new students to begin any Thursday evening. In these classes, we teach and practice eliciting desired behaviors, delivering rewards, and setting up situations to encourage optimal behavior. We also teach basic cues, including come, sit, down, stay, go to your place, drop it, and leave it. In class we address common issues that affect city-dwelling dogs, such as house soiling, barking, and jumping. Each session includes time to discuss problem-solving behavior modification techniques.

Pricing $300 (6 weeks)
Prerequisite Dog Training 101

Days/Times Thursdays at 7:30 pm and Saturdays at 11 am


Our semi-monthly specialty workshops are designed to build your relationship with your pet, sharpen your pet’s learning abilities, and make you a better dog trainer, whether your goal is to modify bothersome behaviors or just find new and fun ways to engage with your dog in a city apartment. Come teach your dog to manipulate an iPad, perform a new trick, or make a sit and down super crisp.

Pricing $50

Days/Times Every other Tuesday at 7:30 pm

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School For The Dogs in Manhattan's East Village offers private lessons and classes in dog training and pet education. Our teachings are rooted in the science of behavior. We aim to make training fun and accessible for all students, no matter how many legs they might have.
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