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CJ is a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP) in the Philadelphia, PA, area. She specializes in working with dogs with behavior problems.


Since 2010, CJ has been training dogs professionally. She has always had a strong interest in dogs, both wild and domestic. Her graduate research on wolves, jackals, and coyotes was responsible for getting CJ interested in dog training. To study the location and movements of wolves and jackals in Kyrgyzstan, CJ trained her rescue border collie, Mara, to find wolf and jackal scat. It was a new experience to train a working scent dog as well as to resolve the behavior problems Mara came with from the rescue. That training really got her hooked.

CJ has volunteered at the Pennsylvania SPCA, working with dogs seized for cruelty, neglect, and dog fighting. She also helps New Leash on Life pick out dogs for their prison training program. CJ continues to study the science of training, and is always exploring new ways to resolve behavior problems while having a really good time. She has worked with a few cats and even owns a hen that loves doing tricks. CJ will teach any type of animal the joy of learning.

Services Offered: 
  • Getting started right with a new puppy or rescue dog
  • Teaching good manners
  • Resolving behavior problems, including aggression or reactivity toward other dogs or people, fearfulness, separation anxiety, introducing new dogs into a household of other dogs or cats.
  • Classes: Puppy classes and Manners classes
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Getting started with a new puppy or rescue dog, teaching basic manners, resolving behavior problems (including reactivity toward people or other dogs, anxiety, separation anxiety), or simply helping with dogs that are out of control
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+1 (215) 848-2308
159 W Coulter Street
19144 Philadelphia , PA


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