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In 2010, Sarah Hoth obtained certification as a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), learning positive, quick, and effective methods to modify behavior. With eleven years of training involvement and experience, Sarah is both proud and thrilled to be able to offer positive, practical, and personalized solutions for everyday living with your dog.

Sarah became interested in dog training in 2003, after rescuing a 10-month-old Australian shepherd/Blue Heeler/Lab mix named Ozzy. As you might guess, this dog had every imaginable bad behavior in the book. Sarah has learned a few lessons since then!

After reading several books on dog training and behavior, Sarah was intrigued by assistance dogs and how they can be trained to help people. She sought out a local service-dog organization and became a trainer's apprentice. Eventually, she served as that organization’s development director while still assisting with their service-dog, hearing-dog, therapy-dog, and pet-obedience efforts.

In 2010, Sarah obtained certification as a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), learning positive, quick, and effective reward-based methods to modify behavior. Click here to see what it means to be a Karen Pryor Academy trainer and to see the pledge Sarah took as a KPA CTP.

Sarah continues to augment her training and education through continued reading, by attending seminars such as ClickerExpo, and via membership in organizations such as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and the Greater St. Louis Training Club. Sarah is also proud to be a certified evaluator for the AKC Canine Good Citizen and S.T.A.R. Puppy programs.

If you and your family members are having issues with your dog(s), please know that there are positive solutions waiting for you. Good training, and the pathway to a great dog, is about understanding your dog’s needs and how dogs communicate, and about building a strong bond through mutual trust and respect. Sarah can't wait to work with you!

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FREE initial behavior evaluation!

Offering in-home personalized behavior consultations for a variety of issues, including over-exuberance and fearful or reactive dogs, or to teach/polish service-dog skills

New puppy consultations; group classes; veterinary/shelter clicker training demonstrations

Welcoming clients from both the metropolitan St. Louis and the Metro East areas

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