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Howard, KPA CTP

Penny Howard, KPA CTP, is the proud owner/head trainer of Clicker Training Bayou, LLC, in Central City, Louisiana, just north of Baton Rouge. Clicker Training Bayou was established in July 2014 after Penny completed the Dog Trainer Professional program through Karen Pryor Academy (KPA). Clicker Training Bayou offers private in-home consultations and foundation skills training along with in-home dog/pet sitting service.


Penny is a resident of a small community just north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A native Louisiana girl, Penny wouldn't dream of living anywhere else in the world! She loves Louisiana and all of its culture, people, food, music, and festivals.

Early on, Penny realized that in her native state of Louisiana there was a big animal control/stray dog and cat problem. She wanted to improve that situation, so she decided to become a dog trainer. Penny’s goal was to own a dog training business, but she knew that for people to take her seriously she needed to become professionally trained. In 2013 and after much research, Penny made the decision to enter the KPA Dog Trainer Professional program. Penny had no prior dog training skills or knowledge other than what she knew from owning dogs and cats all her life.

Now that Penny has completed the KPA Dog Trainer Professional program, she plans to add to her skills through continuing education. She wants to volunteer at the local shelter and at other rescue groups in her parish—helping in any way she can to diminish the animal control problems plaguing her community. 

Penny believes dog ownership is a privilege and comes with big responsibilities. Her dream was to become a force-free clicker-savvy dog trainer and help pet parents and future pet parents to realize their potential, privilege, and responsibilities with a beloved pet. Penny is eager to help with any issues, needs, and concerns pet parents may have with their dogs. She makes training fun and convenient for pet parents, and just plain fun for their beloved dogs. A happy clicker trained dog makes for happy pet parents. That’s what it’s all about.

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Private in-home consultations

Puppy foundation skills training beginner

Private in-home dog training beginner, intermediate and advanced

Dog walking and leash reactivity training

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Private in home dog training and puppy foundation skills training. I come to you for the pet owners convenience. I want to make your and your pets life as easy and less stressful as possible. Dog walking service training and leash reactivity training.
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