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Paws and Effect (DBA of Light Pet Care, LLC) has been serving the Madison area since June 1, 2012. We offer animal-behavior consultations and training, pet-sitting, and veterinary technician services at affordable rates. We also offer small, semi-private group classes for dogs. Utilizing completely force-free training methods, we strive to educate owners and the public about the adverse effects of force. Along with advocating force-free methods, we emphasize the importance of early puppy socialization to the public, so that this knowledge is not something owners learn about months later—when their pets develop problems that are due to lack of socialization.


Janna Light is the owner of Paws & Effect. She started working as a veterinary assistant in 2009, graduated from veterinary technician school and passed the veterinary technician national exam in 2014, and has been working as a veterinary technician since. In 2015, Janna attended the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Dog Trainer Professional program and graduated as a Certified Training Partner (CTP) in June of 2016.

Since she was a young child, Janna has had her own companion animals. In addition, she volunteered with shelters and rescues, and cared for the pets of friends and family while they were away. Janna’s favorite part about dog training is the opportunity to strengthen the bond between an owner and his/her pet using positive-reinforcement-based techniques. Along with family dog manners, she has a special interest in tricks training and canine search-and-rescue training. Janna currently lives in Oregon, WI, with her border collie, Remus, and her two cats, Sprite and Potato.

Services Offered: 


Pre-Pet Consultation: Puppy or dog? Cat or kitten? Pure breed or mixed breed? These are all questions Paws & Effect can help you answer with pre-pet counseling. We will help you pick the kind of pet that will suit your lifestyle, educate you about the responsibilities you can expect for that kind of pet, provide advice, and answer questions. Please contact us to inquire about setting up an appointment—filling out the registration form is not required for this service.

Happy Visits: Does your dog hate going to the veterinarian? Does he start quivering as soon as the nail trimmers come out? Happy visit appointments are designed to fit your dog's specific needs. Our goal is to make the trip to see the doctor much more enjoyable for both you and your pet. We want to make the thought of the veterinary office conjure up treats, and not bad things! 

Behavior Consultation: A behavior consultation appointment is to discuss a behavior problem your pet has developed. Together we will construct a plan to help your pet. A veterinary exam may be advised or required prior to consultation. Private training may be a necessary next step. Some behavior problems that we can help with include: 

  • Separation anxiety 
  • Over-reactive dogs 
  • House-breaking problems
  • Feline spraying and litter box problems 
  • Aggression between pets


Private Training Sessions: Our puppy pre-school, puppy kindergarten, or adult manners class can be transported to your home for private one-on-one training lessons. We can also tailor the training to your specific dog and focus on your problem areas. 

Day Training: If you don't have time for private lessons, no problem! We can train at your home while you are away. This training includes an initial consult to discuss your training goals and an exit consult to teach you the new skills and cues your dog has learned! 

Walk-and-Train: Not your typical dog-walking service. We work on polite leash-walking and attention skills while your pet gets the exercise that he or she needs. 

Puppy Package: Get your puppy started on the right paw for a lifetime at your side! This package includes three private lessons and a set of puppy group classes, at a discounted price. 



Puppy Preschool: The primary focus of Puppy Preschool is socialization, with an integration of basic obedience and short periods of play. Puppy problem areas such as house-training, crate-training, jumping, pulling, nipping, and barking will also be addressed. 

Puppy Kindergarten: In kindergarten we work on teaching the foundation of obedience skills and learning self control and manners! Some of the behaviors your dog will leave this course with include sit, down, and come, along with attention skills and much more. 

Adult Foundation: Did your dog miss puppy school or does he need a refresher? This class will give him the basics, helping you teach him obedience skills, self control, and manners. Some of the behaviors your dog will leave this course with include sit, down, and come, along with attention skills and much more. 

Adult Manners** So, the basic courses weren't enough to teach your pup to be well-mannered? Adult Manners is a more intensive class molded to your specific dog to help you deal with individual behavior issues your dog may have developed. Some of the issues we can help with in this course include, but are not limited to: 

  • Leash-pulling
  • Jumping
  • Barking
  • Lack of self-control
  • And more! `

** This course is not intended for aggressive, very anxious, or fearful dogs. Please contact us if you are not sure if your pet is a good fit.


Tricks: Looking to teach your pup some high-level behaviors you can show off to your family and friends? The Tricks class is open to all pups that have completed the Pup Foundations course, and to owners who are comfortable with their clicker mechanics. The class will focus on more advanced clicker skills to teach your pup behaviors that are just for fun! The actual skills that will be taught in this class will be decided by you, so bring an idea of what you would like your pup to learn—or we can help you decide during the first class. Some entertaining tricks you might consider are backing up, leg weaves, rolling over, playing dead, shaking, spinning, and sitting pretty.

Services Offered Summary: 
Group classes include puppy socialization, family dog manners, and tricks. We also offer in-home behavior consultation and private training, walk-and-train, day training, pre-pet consultation, and veterinary "happy visits."
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