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Loyal Learners Pet Services, owned by Jessica Biddle-Caster, offers in-home, force-free Training and Boarding for your pet.

Together, we can work to meet all of your training goals! We offer a wide range of services, including puppy foundations, basic and advanced obedience skills, tricks/shaping, conformation showing, weight-pulling foundations, nosework foundations, tracking foundations, Canine Good Citizen preparation, Therapy Dog preparation, behavior modification, aggression modification, and reactivity modification. I look forward to working together.

“Properly trained, a man can be a dog's best friend.” - Corey Ford


Owner of Casanova Cane Corso and Loyal Learners Pet Services

Jessica has been heavily involved in the dog community since 2002, when she began to rehabilitate Molosser-type dogs with behavior issues. From there, she met her first Cane Corso and was instantly smitten, inspiring her to launch her kennel, Casanova Cane Corso, in 2005. Jessica, with her clan of Corsi, is an active participant in Conformation, Obedience, Weight Pulling, and Therapy work.

Originally a classroom teacher, Jessica loves to teach and build skills through positive relationships and associations. This craft is evident in her training style, where she is able to highlight a dog’s positive traits and use that to improve behavior and build new skills. In 2010, Jessica began formal training at BoomTowne Canine Campus, now named Finger Lakes Pet Resort in her quest to become a trainer herself. In 2013, she resigned as a classroom teacher to instruct 4-legged students and their owners fulltime, becoming a Trainer and the Puppy Coordinator where she had learned to train. After graduating from Karen Pryor Academy in 2015, Jessica opened Loyal Learners Pet Services.

Currently, Loyal Learners offers in-home pet training to meet your needs and the needs of your dog(s). Together, we will assess your situation, discuss your goals, and create a plan to make your goals a reality. Using force-free techniques, you, your family, and your pet will love the active engagement of training. Training is fun and it is a great way to build your relationship! From basic obedience to aggression and reactivity work, you will enjoy seeing your dog thrive. In addition to training, we offer boarding services for your pet.

Currently, Jessica lives with her 10-15 Cane Corsi, 3 Juliana pigs, and a Caique parrot. To date, she has had 14 Champion dogs, 4 Grand Champion dogs, more than 10 Canine Good Citizen dogs, and 6 Therapy dogs registered through Therapy Dog International. Jessica and her dogs dabble in Weight-pulling, Tracking, Scentwork, Rally, and Competitive Obedience.

Workshops and Continued Education: 

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

     Melissa Chandler: Nose Work 101: October, 2015

     Denise Fenzi: Relationship Building Through Play: October, 2015

     Sue Ailsby: Conformation Skillbuilding: October, 2015

Debbie Jacobs

    Fearful Dog Seminar: October, 2015

Kelly Cottrell, CTC

     Reactive Rover: September, 2015

Pat Hastings

     Structure in Action Workshop, Litter Evaluated: April, 2013

Suzanne Clothier

     Relationship Centered Training: April, 2011

    The Elemental Questions: April, 2011


Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP)

Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Professional Member

Therapy Dog International, Affiliate Member

Cane Corso Club of Western New York, President

Cane Corso Association of America, Member

International Cane Corso Federation, Member

Ontario Shores Kennel Club, Member

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Individual (in-home available) and Group Classes Offered: 

Loyal Learners Pet Services offers affordable, convenient, engaging, in-home lessons, which allow us to create the best training plan to meet the needs of your dog(s). Daytime, weekend and, evening appointments are available. These lessons are appropriate for all needs, including general skill-building (such as polite walking, polite greetings) and behavior modification (such as aggression and reactivity).

Group Classes offered periodically: Puppy Socialization, Positive Puppy (Puppy Class), Mind Your Manners (Obedience Level I), Patient Pooch (Level II), Skill Centered Classes (including: Walking Made Fun, Calm Greetings, and Come When Called), AKC Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog International Preparation Skills, Conformation, Weight-pulling Foundations, Nosework Foundations

We also offer Boarding services, with training options.

Services Offered Summary: 
In-Home Private Lessons for all of your training needs. • Puppy Services: Puppy Socialization, Puppy Playtime, Positive Puppy, Foundation Behaviors (Life Skills) General Obedience: Mind Your Manners (Obedience Level I), Patient Pooch (Level II), Skill Centered Classes (including: Walking Made Fun, Calm Greetings, and Come When Called), AKC Canine Good Citizen Specialty Offerings: Therapy Dog International Preparation Skills, Conformation, Weight-pulling Foundations, Nosework Foundations • Behavior Modification: Aggression, Reactivity • Boarding services provided, with training options while your dog stays
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