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Dr. Sackman is dedicated to helping people understand horses, dogs, and cats and to resolving behavior problems using positive, low-stress methods. She uses an integrated approach to diagnosing and treating behavioral issues, including actively engaging pet parents in the process. The use of positive reinforcement and clicker training is an integral part of Dr. Sackman’s approach to treating her patients. Dr. Sackman leads the veterinary behavior service for Blue Pearl veterinary specialty hospitals in Michigan.

Dr. Sackman frequently teaches classes and workshops on equine, canine, and feline behavior and training. She has written research papers, magazine articles, and press releases for various organizations and publications.


Dr. Jill Sackman grew up raising and showing horses, rabbits, and chickens; her pet family has always included horses, dogs, and cats. Fascinated by cognition and behavior in all species, her practice focuses on improving the human-animal bond as well as on ways veterinarians can improve the quality of life of their patients. Particularly interested in early detection and treatment of canine aggression, Dr. Sackman works with pets’ families to help them build strong early relationships with their pets, including basic “life skills,” socialization, and home enrichment opportunities. She leads the Blue Pearl hospitals in Michigan on low-stress patient-handling techniques.

Dr. Sackman is a graduate of Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine and received advanced clinical and research training at the University of Pennsylvania, University of Tennessee, and Washington University in St. Louis. A resident in the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, Dr. Sackman specializes in the evaluation and treatment of horse, dog, and cat behavior problems. She is a 2015 Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Dog Trainer Professional program graduate.

Dr. Sackman has raised and shown her dogs in conformation, agility, Rally, and obedience. She is a lifelong equestrienne, and rides and trains dressage and carriage-driving horses.

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Dr. Sackman offers both in-home and in-clinic evaluation and treatment of the following behavior problems in cats and dogs:

  • Evaluation and treatment for early fearful behaviors such as growling at strangers and other dogs, including dogs that do not want to engage in normal social behaviors with dogs or people
  • Thunderstorm and firework phobias
  • Dogs that are destructive or cry and bark when left alone
  • Dogs and cats suffering from older-age dementia and confusion
  • Pets that need basic manners and leash training
  • Same household inter-pet aggression
  • Inappropriate house-soiling in cats and dogs
  • Aggressive and destructive behaviors in cats and dogs
  • Behavior wellness consultations for families with newly acquired pets who want to start their pets off right and prevent future behavior issues

For horses:

Horse behavior problems may occur under saddle, during management, or in handling. They can be frustrating, inconvenient, or make a horse dangerous to handle. Dr. Sackman can help you and your horse resolve behavior problems, using effective, positive, low-stress techniques.

Services offered include evaluation and treatment of horse behavior problems such as:

  • Stall aggression
  • Aggression toward people
  • Aggression toward other horses
  • Maternal aggression
  • Stereotypic behaviors such as stall-weaving, cribbing, wood-chewing
  • Head-shaking
  • Fears and phobias
  • Trailer-related problems
  • Foal rejection
  • Ground manners
  • Evaluation of pasture and stabling
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Dr. Sackman offers both in-home and in-clinic evaluation and treatment of behavior problems in cats and dogs. She also offers evaluation and treatment of horse behavior problems. Dr. Sackman can help you and your animals resolve behavior problems, using effective, positive, low-stress techniques.
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