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Fiskback Matthews

Hope for Canines offers private training and coaching, group classes and behavior consultations. AKC CGC Evaluations, Puppy Start Right Programs, Behavior modification, Outdoor Group Classes...


Johanna grew up in Sweden training horses, birds, and rabbits; her past has included lifelong learning with dogs and variety of species including dolphins, chimpanzees and cats. While Johanna's passion for animal training and behavior has existed since childhood, she began training animals professionally in 2002 when she was a dolphin trainer in Hawaii.

After several years working in zoo and marine life settings, Johanna followed her dreams of working in the field of veterinary medicine. A veterinary technician since 2006, Johanna has experience in shelter, clinic, and hospital settings. She is currently pursuing her veterinary technician specialty in behavior.

Johanna began offering private training in 2012, inspired by her soul dog Hope and the frequent need for positive training techniques private consultations at the veterinary office. She believes learning should never stop, and is constantly striving to further her own knowledge through continuing education, seminars, and workshops.

In addition to being a Registered Veterinary Technician and a graduate of Animal Behavior College, Johanna is a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP). She also completed the KPA's Puppy Start Right, Canine Freestyle, Shelter Enrichment, Smart Reinforcement, Canine Sport course and Better Veterinary Visits.

Johanna has a special interest in fearful, shy and aggressive dogs, early development and the human-animal bond.


Please visit us at the Hope for Canines website for more information.

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Hope for Canines offers behavior consultations and private training and coaching as well as group classes. 

We use force free techniques and reward based methods, and strive for happy and wellmanned dogs as well as happy humans.

We will help you and your dog with: basic manners and behavior problems, preparing for sport classes, canine good citizen, therapy work, puppy training, fearful/aggressive dog that needs help during veterinary visits, in the home or outside.

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Hope for Canines offers private consultations, coaching, group classes, and day training. Areas of specialty include, but are not limited to: basic manners, behavior problems, preparing for sport classes, canine good citizen, therapy work, puppy training, newly adopted dogs, fearful dogs, and help during veterinary visits.
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