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Karen Phillips, owner/trainer of Mutts Understood, offers obedience training for dogs of all ages in Midlothian, Texas, and surrounding areas. Her training instruction is through Private Coaching or Day Training.


I've had at least one dog companion most of my life—in various sizes, mixed breeds, and rescue dogs. With each one, my compassion for dogs grew deeper. When we rescued Chance, our yellow Lab, as a stray, I realized that I needed help to train her; I just couldn’t connect with her to achieve even the most basic manners. Working with a professional trainer and seeing Chance’s true personality shine through, my compassion turned into a passion to pursue.

My professional journey started with learning more about dog training methodologies. I became a Certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College (ABCDT), and then achieved Certified Training Partner (CTP) status through Karen Pryor Academy’s (KPA) Dog trainer Professional program. Both programs are founded on positive reinforcement training backed by science and learning theory.

The certification programs provided the skills I needed to interact with dogs effectively. Through continuing education, those skills have been strengthened. But it is from each dog I have the opportunity to work with that I learn something important and become a better trainer for them.

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Private Coaching or Day Training for basic manners/obedience behaviors, puppy socialization

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Mutts Understood offers flexible program options ranging from addressing a single, specific problem behavior to basic manners packages. These services are offered through either private coaching sessions or day training (while you're away). A training plan is tailored to achieve your goals and meet the individual needs of your dog. The trainer comes to you, alleviating the need to transport to and from a training facility.
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