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Kathy is the owner of K-10 Dog Training in Mexico, New York. She believes that training enhances the bond between owner and pets, and that training should start the moment a puppy or dog enters the home. Kathy holds classes for dogs all ages and stresses the importance of Puppy Socialization. She holds both group and one-on-one classes at her studio.

Having had dogs all her life, Kathy became interested in formal training in 2007. After fostering and then adopting a little cocker spaniel named Karmen, a breeding female at a puppy mill, Kathy realized that the best way to work with Karmen was through clicker training. The next step was to enroll in Karen Pryor Academy, where Kathy could “learn to do it the right way.” She became a KPA CTP in August 2011.


Kathy cannot remember a time in her life without dogs. Growing up in upstate New York, her first family dog was Fritzi, a hound often borrowed by hunters because of her ability to retrieve game. With her brothers off to college, subsequent “hunting dogs” soon became family pets. After Fritzi came Corky, a Springer spaniel more interested in chasing butterflies than game birds. Kathy’s family also raised two beagle pups, Punch and Judy, whose “jobs” were to sit pretty, beg for treats, and sleep on the couch.

Continuing the line of beloved family pets, Kathy currently owns five dogs, all rescued in one way or another. Kathy first fostered Ellie, a Lab mix, from the Humane Society. After three months of foster care, Ellie was adopted by Kathy. In 2009, Kathy adopted Truman, a 5 ½ year old Shar Pei/American bulldog mix whose owner could no longer keep him. In 2010, Kathy fostered Karmen, the three-year-old puppy-mill cocker spaniel. Like most puppy-mill dogs, Karmen did not bond with people. However, she soon developed a strong attachment to Kathy's boxer mix Brandie (who, sadly, passed away in May, 2016). Kathy realized that she could not separate Karmen from her newfound companion, and Karmen was officially adopted into the family. In 2012, Kathy adopted Bonnie Belle, a unique little dog who could be a corgi/beagle mix. She adopted her because “she just fit in.” The final addition was Strut (or Strutter-Butter) who is reportedly a hound/Lab mix. Kathy started Nose Work classes with him, just for fun, in the fall of 2016. He really loves it, and they look forward to their weekly classes.

Kathy also fosters for Operation Delta Dog in Massachusetts, a nonprofit organization that rescues dogs and trains them to be service dogs for veterans suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and related challenges. Many dogs rescued from shelters are heartworm-positive or have other diseases. If these dogs reside outside Massachusetts, they need to be treated before they can go through quarantine to enter Massachusetts. Kathy fosters dogs rescued from New York State shelters until they are ready to start their new training and eventual jobs. To date, she has fostered Jerry (now McQuire), Marvin, and Tippy.

Kathy has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and an MBA. She continues to study dog training and behavior. In March 2017 Kathy received her CPDT-KA certification; she is also a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator and holds CGC Prep classes. Kathy works for Laboratory Alliance of CNY, LLC, a medical lab in Syracuse, New York, where she is the Manager of Business Applications.

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