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I discovered clicker training in 2003, and began using it with my own canine companions. I was amazed at how quickly and easily new tasks and habits could be taught.

My passion was ignited when I discovered the joy of helping people train their dogs to be part of their family. I decided to enroll in the Dog Trainer Program at Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behaviour. Having completed my certification, I am now able to follow that passion and bring you a viable solution to your canine needs.

I believe wholeheartedly that clicker training techniques improve not only a dog's behaviour, but human interaction with dogs as well. Contact me today to begin this new and exciting relationship with the dogs in your life!


I have surrounded myself with many different animals throughout my life. Currently, you will find me with three Boston terriers, a whippet, a mixed-breed dog, two rats and a green-cheeked conure in my home. These companions are in addition to my husband, who also does clicker training, and my two teenagers.

I love the results and the philosophy of clicker training. You click and give a treat for desired behaviour, and don't react to behaviours you don't want. Positive reinforcement is a basic concept for our children and, yes, for our animals. Clicker training uses positive reinforcement and is a gentle, fun, and inspiring method that can be used as soon as you bring your new puppy or forever dog home. Training your dog in a positive way offers you, your family, and your dog something more!

Clicker training uses are endless. Use clicker training for everyday training needs such as sit/stay, greeting visitors without jumping, and coming when called. Clicker training will help you develop a strong bond with your dog that will last forever, while setting the stage for continued success during a lifetime of learning.

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Private, in-home consultations and training.

Group classes, including Puppy and Beginner Foundation Behaviors, Kids and K-9s, Reliable Recalls, Tricky Dog I and II.

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