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“What is love, except another name for the use of positive reinforcement?”– B.F. Skinner

Animal training is both a science and an art. There are many labels for the type of training that I do, including positive reinforcement training, clicker training, humane training, relationship-based training, and force-free training. In my opinion, dog trainers and behavior consultants need to adhere to the same standards as medical physicians: First, Do No Harm. My ultimate goal is to support clients in creating behavior change in their animals, but I will not use force, fear, intimidation, or pain to reach our goals. In short, effectiveness is not enough.

I adhere to the humane hierarchy and the principles of LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) in order to ensure that the animals I work with have the highest welfare possible during the behavior-modification process. I know that learning theory applies to all species of animals—including humans—and I am as passionate about facilitating my clients’ growth as I am about training their canine companions. We are all individuals with varying cognitive abilities, needs, and desires. I create a unique program for each individual canine/human partnership I work with.



“Dogs Are People, too.”

Dogs are our family, our best friends, our fur kids, and our loyal companions. While anthropomorphism can be a dangerous road to follow when approaching behavior change, cognitive research points to many similarities between dogs and humans. While dogs do not feel guilt, do not show remorse, and can’t speak in full sentences, their ability to not only communicate but to cooperate with us is unmatched in any other species. We also know that we experience many of the same emotions as dogs—love, joy, anxiety, fear, frustration—and that as a social species dogs thrive when they have human companionship. Fostering a good relationship with our dogs is an integral part of making sure they are happy, healthy, and well behaved.



ACDBC, Applied Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (Through IAABC)

KPA-CTP, Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner 



It would be easy to just say I love dogs and am fascinated by dog behavior. Both are true. But what really led me to choose training as my life’s work is the joy I get from making change for my clients.

Dog training and behavior modification are really about problem solving—finding creative ways for both human and canine alike to make change in the midst of our real, complex lives. (If you have time to slow down and learn how to train, and the luxury of easily changing life routines and habits, it would all be relatively easy.) But good dog trainers understand that we don’t work in a laboratory setting—we have to find realistic solutions that reflect the realities of the busy lives our clients lead. And that’s where things get really interesting.

I love working with each dog and human duo to figure out the most elegant and practical solution for getting the job done. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing things really start to gel—to see the dog begin to “get it” and the human able to take more joy from their dog.

I’d love to teach you how to get the behavior you want from your dog. Or if you’re frustrated with a difficult behavior problem or need to achieve your goals more quickly I’m delighted to provide even more support by doing the training myself. I’m a professional dog trainer, after all!

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Group dog training classes can be great, but too often the results stay behind in the classroom. Instead, let’s do the training where you need your dog to behave his best—wherever that may be.

All services are customized to fit your needs and lifestyle. No two canine/human partnerships are the same, and neither are our training plans. I believe that there are no cookie-cutter solutions to problems and am here to make sure the needs of both species—canine and human alike—are met.

Every client starts with an Initial Consultation. During the initial consultation we will discuss your goals and how best to get there. We'll set up a plan together and we'll decide if you want to do the training with my guidance or if you'd like me to do the training for you. 


I offer support for:

Puppies (all breeds)

Manners (all breeds, all ages!)

Behavior Problems

Dog & Baby Safety

Dog & Toddler Safety

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Lauren's Leash offers Private Training Customized To Fit Your Individual Needs.
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