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Laurie Schlossnagle, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, CBCC-KA, has been clicker training since 2003 when she started training her beagle, Daisy, for therapy dog work and for Rally Obedience. Laurie's passion is helping dog owners see and understand the wonders and benefits of clicker training. She offers both private sessions and group classes, all with the common goal of helping people and their dogs communicate better.

Laurie is the owner of Side By Side Dog Training, LLC, in Layton, Utah. She is also a founder and director of the therapy dog/crisis response group, Paws with Compassion.


Laurie has a bachelor of science degree in marketing from Northern Illinois University and did her graduate work in elementary education (also at Northern). After being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years, Laurie started working again in 2003 as a dog trainer and instructor, specializing (at that time) in Rally Obedience. Since then, Laurie has expanded into all facets of dog training, including puppies, house manners, life skills, therapy dog, crisis response dogs, service dogs, scent work, agility foundations, tricks, and problem behaviors.

Laurie is a World Cynosport Rally Judge and a C-WAGS Rally, Obedience, Games, and Scent Detective Judge.

Laurie shares her life with her husband, their (combined) four children, a cat, a fish, hermit crabs, four chickens, and four dogs: Elphie (beagle/Rhodesian ridgeback mix, 5 years old), Dolly (beagle/Rhodesian ridgeback mix, 5 years old), Blitz (Australian shepherd/border collie mix, 3 years old), and Rafael (shih tzu puppy).

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Private sessions—general dog and puppy behaviors, house manners, tricks, personalized training plans, therapy dogs, service dogs, and behavior modification (including aggression/reactivity issues, and other problem behaviors)

Class series—Puppy Play and Train, Rally, Teenaged Dogs, Relax, Groomer and Vet Readiness, and Therapy Dogs.

Workshops—Canine Life and Social Skills, Therapy Dog, Crisis Response Dog, C-WAGS Rally, Scentwork, Games, and Obedience, and WCRL Rally.

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Group classes for all dogs and puppies—Puppy Play and Train, Relax, Rally, Groomer and Vet Readiness, Teenaged Dogs, Competition Obedience, and Therapy Dog. Private sessions for a variety of needs/issues, including problem behaviors, house manners, tricks, personalized training plans, and service dogs.
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+1 (801) 643-6272
1384 E. Jeff Street
84040 Layton , UT


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