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Inspiring Pet Teaching is a unique training & behaviour management service for dogs & other pets. I specialise in modern & scientific methods which, as well as being reliably effective, are kind & fair to the animals & humans we teach. I am one of only a small, but growing, number Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners practicing in the U.K., as well as being one of the most qualified & experienced veterinary nurses in this country! I am a Canine & Feline Behaviur Practitioner, & an assessed memebr of INTO Dogs and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), U.K. This means you can be assured of high-quality training & behaviour management, as well as expert knowledge, for you & your pet. I am also a proud member of the Karen Pryor Academy faculty team, & a member of the Association of Force Free Pet Professionals. I continue to study & learn about training & behaivour to gain further knowlege & skills, as well as keeping up to date.

Inspiring Pet Teaching specialises in one-to-one training & behaviour services for dogs, cats & other pets. I am based in the New Forest, serving the area & all of its local towns, also Salisbury, Christchurch, Wimborne, Totton, as well as surrounding areas.

With my knowledge & experience, gained over many years of nursing at the highest level, I bring the same principles of care, empathy & kindness, as well as a modern & scientific approach, to teaching both my animal & human learners. I am a level one certified TAG teacher, which gives me a great foundation in ability to teach, & set you up to succeed with your pet.


I qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2002 from general practice. I then worked at the Royal Veterinary College, before moving on to Edinburgh University’s Hospital for Small Animals in 2004. There I obtained the Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Medical) in 2005, before becoming oncology nurse with the cancer service in 2006. In 2009, I became a Veterinary Technician Specialist in Oncology, and a member of the Academy of Internal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians. As well as my specialist interest in oncology, I also have interests in analgesia, clinical nutrition, medical nursing, behavioural health & welfare, maintenance of optimum quality of life in chronically ill patients & clinical teaching.

Low stress veterinary practice is a passion which allows me to meld my veterinary nursing & training knowledge for the benefit of patients, staff & owners. I regularly write & present on these topics for the veterinary press & at CPD events. My interest in training & behaviour evolved over my nursing career &, in 2012, I became one the first U.K. graduates of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behaviour, & am now proud to be faculty member at the Academy too. I have since qualified as a Canine & Feline Behaviour Practitioner, & continue to study to higer levels & certifications.

I own & run Inspiring Pet Teaching, aimed at pet & owner training & education, as well as CPD provision for VNs.

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Private Training Lessons: One To One Pet Teaching Linda specialises in individual training lessons. There are many reasons that you may choose to consult privately with Inspiring Pet Teaching, not least of which being that you & your pet get undivided personal attention & a tailor-made training plan! We operate one-to-one training sessions for dogs & cats, using only kind, fair & effective principles of training & behaviour change. One-to-one training is great value for your time & money, addresses your specific questions, & you'll be well set up for success!

Kitties Too! Have you just acquired a new feline friend? Or do you want to teach an old one something new? From showing a new kitten the ropes, to helping a nervous kitty to enjoy being handled, or taking the stress out of medicating your cat, we can help. Whether you want to train your cat some fun tricks (& yes, it IS possible to train with cats!!), teach her how to take medications, or to use a litter tray or cope with environmental adaptations in the home (e.g. for arthritis, or after surgery) &/or as part of a weight loss program, or simply to build your cat’s confidence &/or deepen your bond with her, Inspiring Pet Teaching's Kitty Clinics could be just what you need!

Group Classes For Dogs: Inspiring Pet Teaching regularly runs small group classes, as demand dictates & time allows! From socialisation, to good manners, to solving problems, we're here to help you get it right together! To ensure you & your pet receive the personal time & attention you both deserve, we limit our classes to of four dogs per class, so advance booking is essential. Please contact Inspiring Pet Teaching for details, schedules & locations.

Education & seminars - contact me to find out more & discuss your needs

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Specialist in one-to-one lessons for you & your pet. Call us: 07985905183.
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