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Lisa Bert is a nationally Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA) and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP).  In group classes and private lessons, she teaches clients to communicate more effectively with their dogs through the use of positive reinforcement. Along the way, she helps them understand canine body language and stress signals so that they can develop better relationships with their dogs.

Lisa teaches puppy socialization, foundation skills, and basic obedience. She also can help dogs with mild behavior issues and is affiliated with trainers that handle more serious behavior issues, should she determine that that's what's best for the dog. She has a special affinity for assisting families with children who are adjusting to having a dog in the house and families with dogs who are transitioning to life with children. Her aim is to create a safe and nurturing environment for all.  As part of her mission to support families with children, Lisa is a licensed presenter of the 2 international Family Paws Parent Education Programs, Dogs & Storks© and Dogs & Toddlers™ and a BE A TREE presenter for Doggone Safe.  This focus is a perfect fit for Lisa, utilizing all the volunteer work she has done with both children and dogs in addition to raising her own children and working professionally with dogs and their owners.

Increasing people's understanding and appreciation of dogs as dogs is one of Lisa’s greatest goals. Empathy follows understanding and lays the foundation for a deeper, more honest, more positive relationship. Positive, clicker-based training adds the ability to communicate effectively without the need for “dominance” or physical manipulation (both unsafe constructs, especially for children). Positively trained dogs learn more quickly what’s expected and gain confidence and trust in their owners. Owners are happy to find they can teach their dogs manners and other behaviors without resorting to punitive measures. Dogs are happy because their owners are happy—it’s a great upward spiral that leads to a fulfilling relationship for both. 


Lisa was fortunate to train with one of the early clicker trainers in 2001, and soon found herself hooked on clicker training despite having young children to raise. After years of part-time work as a doggy daycare provider and then assistant trainer, in December 2009 Lisa began teaching puppy socialization classes on her own—a natural fit given her background in dog-to-dog interactions and her understanding of the importance of proper early socialization for both kids and dogs. She has since added classes in basic obedience and advises families with children about specific applications of training for safety and relationship building.

In March of 2011, Lisa graduated with distinction from the Karen Prior Academy (KPA) Dog Trainer Program and is a Certified Training Partner (CTP). She became eligible for and passed the independent national certification in March 2013 and became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed (CPDT-KA). She is a longstanding member of the Association for Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She continues to take advantage of opportunities to further her knowledge of canine cognition, nutrition, health, and welfare, as well as how to achieve safe and fulfilling interactions between dogs and children.

Lisa was accepted by Family Paws Parent Education as a Licensed Presenter of their international programs, Dogs & Storks© and Dogs & Toddlers™ in October 2012 to help families with children 3 and under. She added BE A TREE Presenter by Doggone Safe in April 2013 to gain useful tools for educating older children directly about dog safety. As Lisa expands her business she is excited to make this area of training her main focus. It is a perfect fit for her, and utilizes all of her experience from volunteer work she has done over the years both with children and with dogs.

While Lisa is privileged to work with many highly skilled and knowledgeable trainers, perhaps her greatest teachers have been her two human children and her beloved canine companions. Maya, a wild child stray as a puppy, worked with Lisa to pass the KPA Dog trainer Program with distinction just 10 months after joining the family. She is a terrific testament of the positive power of clicker training to impact behaviors and improve the lives of dogs and their families.

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Contact Lisa by email for more info on any of the services below.  She offers group classes and presentations, plus in-home training and support for:

  • Dogs:  Puppy Socialization, Foundation Skills, Basic Obedience, assistance with mild to moderate behavior issues
  • Children:  Age-appropriate instruction in how to be safe around dogs and help dogs feel safe round them; for older children, how to train their dog
  • Parents/Adults:  Instruction on care, keeping, and training of dog, plus managing for the safety and success of all in the house
  • Expecting Parents:  Guidance in how to prepare dog for life with baby/adopted child


Detailed information about Dogs & Storks© and Dogs & Toddlers™, plus tips and articles, are available through Family Paws Parent Education.  To learn more about child safety with dogs, see,, or contact Lisa about arranging a presentation for yourself or your group.

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In-home and group classes in Puppy Socialization, Foundation Skills, Basic Obedience, assistance with mild to moderate behavior issues Dogs & Storks© and Dogs & Toddlers™ group presentations and related in-home training packages. BE A TREE program from Doggone Safe for children 4+ years as part of in-home services and available for organizations or private groups
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