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Dr. Mariah Covey, DVM

Located in Granger, Indiana, the Kryder Veterinary Clinic (KVC) serves St. Joe and Elkhart Counties in Northern Indiana, as well as Cass County in Southern Michigan. KVC is a full-service small-animal practice offering behavioral services, physical therapy and rehabilitation services, dentistry, surgery, internal medicine, and ultrasound. We offer the only underwater treadmill in Northern Indiana and have a fulltime Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist on staff. 

Behavior services offered include:

  • Behavior consults for animals with severe issues beyond everyday training issues. Examples include fear-aggression to animals or humans, separation anxiety, and generalized anxiety disorder. A first appointment is approximately 90 minutes long, with shorter follow-up sessions scheduled as needed.
  • Puppy Start Right Preschool (PSRP) socialization classes for puppies 7-16 weeks old. The “socialization period” is the most critical stage of a dog's behavioral life. This is the age when they learn (for better or worse) how to deal with the new people, animals, and situations that life will throw at them. Animals that are “poorly socialized” during this time of life are more likely to suffer aggression or anxiety in the future. PSRP classes teach puppies that new things are fun and teach owners how to set their puppies up for success.
  • Yappy Hour is an open-house forum that tries to address the fear of vet visits that many dogs suffer. Dogs can visit with staff members or explore the clinic in a low-stress and fun way. This opportunity can change going to the vet from something animals have to do to something they get to do. Parents are encouraged to bring their dog's favorite treats or toys or choose from our offerings of “yappetizers.” Dogs with more severe anxiety to the clinic may progress to the Happy Visit Program. 
  • Our Happy Visit Program is designed for animals that need more intense, ongoing, one-on-one work to address their anxiety in the clinic, or that have other behavioral problems.


I am a small-animal veterinarian with a passion for behavior. My interest in behavior started during vet school, and has grown in practice. Many of my past and current dogs had/have severe anxiety or fear-aggression to others (thus, the reason they are mine—you know all vets' kids have issues!), which helped spark my love of behavior work. After years of dreaming of taking the KPA Dog Trainer Professional course, I finally did this past year, graduating in November 2016. I have long used clicker training in my work as a veterinary behaviorist, but wanted to develop my skills as a trainer to better serve my clients. I look forward to growing and learning as a vet and trainer.

On my day off I am also the volunteer veterinarian for South Bend Animal Care & Control (SBACC). For the past several years I was also veterinary advisor and then Vice President of CARE (Community Animal Rescue Effort of South Bend), the group that works to support animals living at SBACC and that pushes our city towards a No Kill South Bend. In addition to general medicine and behavior, I also have an interest in shelter medicine and improving the lives of animals living in shelters through kennel enrichment. 


In my free time I enjoy spending time with my six dogs and five cats. Five of my six dogs are clicker trained (I just adopted the sixth one month ago when she had severe stroke, but she is recovering well, so just give me time!). Two of the dogs were 9 years old when I got them and introduced clicker training, proving you can teach an old dog new tricks! Our clinic cat, Boiler, is also clicker trained and meets me every day at my desk to demand training! When I'm not playing with my animals, I also enjoy swimming, biking, and cardio drumming. 


  • BS in Biochemistry from Purdue University 2002
  • DVM from Purdue University 2006
  • Purdue DOGS! & Cats course 2009
  • KPA Courses:

- Clicker Training Foundations
- Puppy Start Right Preschool 2016
- Dog Trainer Professional program, KPA CTP certification 2016

Services Offered: 

Behavior Consults- One-on-one consultations for animals with specific behavioral problems, such as aggression and anxiety. First appointment lasts approximately 90 minutes.

Puppy Start Right Preschool - Socialization classes for puppies 7-16 weeks old 

Yappy Hour- An open-house forum for dogs that have a fear of the vet clinic: dogs come by after-hours, have some yappetizers, and visit staff members. This program is great for dogs that are nervous just walking in the door of a vet clinic. With repeated low-stress visits during yappy hour, dogs learn that bad things don't happen every time they come! Instead, the clinic begins to develop a positive association. Dogs with more severe anxiety may transition to the Happy Visit Program to decrease anxiety further. 

Happy Visit Program– Brief visits for animals that need ongoing one-on-one time. During this time, Dr Covey or another staff member works directly with the pet using clicker training to teach the pet to enjoy vet visits or grooming/handling. Each dog progresses at his or her own pace.

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Behavior consults • Puppy Preschool • Yappy Hour • Happy Visit Program
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