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Communication is key for developing a solid relationship with your pet. We at Timko Pet Training, LLC, want to help you learn what your pet is saying to you in order to foster a healthy, two-way conversation. With our help, our pets can learn to be happy contributing family members and we can learn from them how to be the best  pet companions we can be! Timko Pet Training services will help you build a strong foundation of behaviors and communication skills that will lead to a bright future with your pets!

The goal at Timko Pet Training, LLC, is to provide you and your family with tools that will improve your relationship with your pets.  Timko Pet Training trainers use positive reinforcement methods designed specifically for your circumstances.  We do our best to provide clear, concise instructions so that you and your family members can continue the training on a daily basis.


Volunteering at the local Humane Society inspired Molly to learn everything she could about canine communication and training methods in order to better the lives of local shelter pets. Having shared her home with various animal companions over the years, she knew there had to be better ways of communicating with her own furry family members as well.  During her quest for canine knowledge, Molly came upon "clicker-training" and the  science behind positive reinforcement methods of training for all kinds of animals (including humans!). After experimenting with clicker-training semi-feral kittens and the resident unruly Stallion at the Humane Society, she was moved to spread the word about how effective and rewarding marker-based training methods can be for everyone! The best way to accomplish her goal was to first enroll in the Karen Pryor Academy. She graduated from the professional KPA course and is now a Certified Training Partner. Molly is dedicated to enriching the lives of humans and their companion animals by teaching classes for pets and their people and providing one-on-one consultations. 

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  • Group Foundation Classes for Puppies
  • Group Foundation Classes for Adolescents/Adults
  • In-home Consultations/Training
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Group Foundation Classes for Puppies Group Foundation Classes for Adolescents/Adults In-home Consultations/Training
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