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Paws Look Listen knows that you have a fantastic dog. Dogs may not always be 100% perfect, but you love them to death anyway! Our job is to help you and your dog when your dog’s behavior is not the best.

Whether you just want your dog to have better manners, or you are concerned about a specific behavior, Nick Hof of Paws Look Listen is happy to help you. With a variety of services and experience, qualifications, and compassion mixed with humor, we have the solution to help you and your family.


I'm Nick Hof, founder of and trainer for Paws Look Listen. I love working with clients and their dogs and helping them enjoy life together. I bring a variety of certifications and experiences to every client’s needs and offer the best help possible.

I have been working with dogs for more than a decade. In addition to my certifications, I attend conferences and seminars annually in order to share the most up-to-date information with my clients and to meet and learn from some of the top trainers and behaviorists in the world.

Currently I have four dogs of my own: Sadie, Bennie, Lanie, and Fezzik. They are big pups and help out with many of my clients, providing a distracting presence or a calm dog to help other dogs work through their fears or concerns.

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Paws Look Listen offers a variety of services for just about every dog training need. Our most popular service is In-Home Training where we work directly with you and your dog. We can help your dog via Coaching, or we'll do the heavy lifting for you through our Day Training Program. With Day Training, your dog participates in training sessions with us throughout the week so you can enjoy a better-behaved dog when you come home.

Weekly group classes are available for puppies, adolescent, and adult dogs (seniors too!). If your dog needs manners and training that focus on the real-world, we can help. Our classes are designed to teach you how to help your dog when guests come over, when you're preparing dinner, when you're out on a walk, and more.

As the only Licensed Presenter for Family Paws in Cincinnati, we are uniquely qualified to help you with your dog and baby. With both In-Home Training to help set your mind at ease and free Monthly Talks on dog and baby safety, we are here to help you and your family be happy and healthy together.

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Offering In-Home Training, Behavior Solutions, Groups, and Dog & Baby Safety Information. Nick Hof of Paws Look Listen can help you and your dog find the solution that will allow you to enjoy your time together even more!
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