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Ursula strives to foster a lasting relationship between owners and their dogs, a relationship based on trust, love, and a bond of friendship. Her goal is for people to know how to develop such a close relationship with their treasured pets.


As a kid, Ursula used to spend time studying every creature she could see. Growing up in the city, she knew all of the pigeons in the colony that lived on her neighbor’s house. She learned to “coo” just as the pigeons did so that she could get them to perform different natural behaviors. Finally, Ursula's family moved to a small farm where she continued to study animal behavior with the menagerie of animals that resided on the farm. She spent summers training her dog and chickens. Ursula learned to observe these creatures performing their natural behaviors, and then tried to use their verbal and body language to get them to perform the behaviors again.

Ursula received a degree in accounting and computer science. She spent many years in corporate America before waking up and realizing that something was missing in her life. She packed up and moved to Olympia to start her dog training and boarding business.

Lead Me On strives to provide a warm, safe, and loving environment for both you and your pet. We work hard to ensure that your pet’s time with us is fun and rewarding.

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Lead Me On offers boarding and training for dogs.

Private lessons are offered for manners, problem-solving, herding, and pet-dog training. Group classes are available for pet-dog training. Classes include Good Manners, Coming and Going, Pay Attention, and Puppy Socialization.

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