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A MSc in Canine Life Sciences, Dieta has seen first-hand the difference she can make in the life of a pet dog’s life through positive reinforcement. Her work includes basic training for puppies and adult dogs, as well as assistance with various behavioral issues. Dieta has a particular interest in training puppies and in helping shy and fearful dogs using counter-conditioning and desensitisation. She is the owner of Puppy Colours Dog Training & Behaviour Modification.

Dieta’s credentials include a Master of Sciene in Canine Life Sciences from Bergin University of Canine Studies and a diploma from Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior (USA). She is a KPA Certified Training Partner. Dieta is also a TAGTeach Level 1 certified teacher.


Dieta’s (and her dog Josh’s) Story:

Dieta’s career transition to pet dog trainer was sparked both from her lifelong passion for animals and from her dog, Josh, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel. A few weeks after she brought Josh home, Dieta realised how fearful he was and how totally unprepared she was. Dieta was desperate to help Josh overcome his many fears and lack of confidence.

Her research led her to a reward-based dog trainer from whom she learned new methods to reduce Josh’s fears. Each month, Josh’s trainer came to monitor the results and to raise the bar with additional lessons. Dieta saw unbelievable progress in Josh’s behavior and observed his step-by-step transformation into a confident and happy dog. Continuous barking has been significantly reduced. Separation anxiety is completely gone. Food guarding is no more. Josh now wags his tail and warms up to strangers in minutes. He is a happy dog that enjoys going to parks and cafés, meeting people (who are calm) and other dog friends.

Along the training path with Josh, Dieta developed a special interest in shy, fearful, and reactive dogs. She began volunteering at the local SPCA, where her duties included walking and training an array of dogs across various breeds. She also began assisting with a number of in-home dog trainings that were focused on behavior modification and basic training.

Dieta observed and understood the importance of analysing what causes/triggers fear/reactivity and the importance of creating a suitable training plan to tackle each trigger. Witnessing first-hand the program’s positive impact on so many other canines, in addition to the success with Josh, sold Dieta on the program. She came away with a firm belief that reward-based training, using counter conditioning and desensitization, is the key to help dogs overcome their fears and emerge as happy and confident dogs. Dieta believes that gentle ways leads to genuine victories.

Her special interest turned into a plan for a whole new career. Dieta earned a diploma from Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior’s Dog Trainer Program. She is now a KPA Certified Training Partner and holds additional credentials. She takes her role seriously and brings a sense of enthusiasm to her work, knowing that she can help other pets benefit from reward-based training. They all have the potential to enjoy a better life, just like Josh.

Josh is still a bit cautious (especially toward men) but he is getting braver and braver each day, and will even approach people with a wagging tail. Dieta continues to reinforce the good choices Josh makes with lots of praises and yummy treats.


Dieta holds a Master of Sciene in Canine Life Sciences from Bergin University of Canine Studies (USA). Dieta also completed the Dog Trainer Program at Karen Pryor Academy (USA) under the supervision of the fabulous Terry Ryan, known for promoting positive dog training. She learned innovative programs based on the positive-reinforcement animal training model and had the opportunity to train dogs using clickers and reward-based training. She is a TAGteach Level 1 Certified Teacher and a Licensed presenter of Family Paws Parent Education. Dieta has also become a full-member of APDT and a Pet Professional Guild.


If you are interested in training with Dieta, e-mail her at To find out more about Puppy Colours Dog Training & Behaviour Modification, you can check

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  • Private dog and puppy training
  • Day training
  • Behaviour evaluation
  • B-mod (Behaviour modification)
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Clicker training, behaviour evaluation, behaviour modification, puppy training, dog training, day training
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