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Shawna believes true leadership can be exhibited without force. Positive reinforcement training achieves the goal of leadership using scientifically based methods. This type of training builds a strong foundation of trust, teamwork, and clear communication. Once the foundation is solid, the possibilities for training your companion are limited only by your imagination.


Born in San Diego, California, Shawna Dowd was first introduced to positive reinforcement training trying to resolve reactivity issues with one of her own rescue dogs. With the arrival of her first dog, Dakota, she was exposed to the resilience of the animal spirit. From there, Shawna was moved to learn more about animals and about what precipitates their behavior.  

Shawna has worked diligently with her own dogs, training in agility, rally obedience, and scent work. Among her experiences are: 

  • “Training the Trainers” for Paw'sitive Teams, a service-dog training organization in San Diego that specializes in placing dogs with wheelchair-bound partners 
  • Training service dogs for veterans with PTSD 
  • Working in conjunction with Australian Shepherd Rescue, Guide Dogs for the Blind, and Wounded Warriors in San Diego to facilitate “days off” for the dogs 
  • Certifying and registering her own dog as an AKC Canine Good Citizen 
  • Volunteering with Love on a Leash making visits to local hospices, retirement homes, convalescent homes, and elementary schools 
  • Fostering dogs for Australian Shepherd Rescue in San Diego 
  • Working with kennel-stressed dogs at the local shelter in San Diego 

Shawna has two “owners”—Gracie, an Australian shepherd/border collie mix, and Temperance, an Australian cattle dog/beagle mix.

Services Offered: 

In-home consultations and training for puppies and adult dogs

Behavior modification for shy/reactive dogs

Group puppy classes and manner classes

Limited-enrollment classes for reactive dogs

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In-home consultations and training for puppies and adult dogs; Behavior modification for shy/reactive dogs; Group puppy classes and manners classes; Limited-enrollment classes for reactive dogs
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