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Live the “pawsitively” good life with PAWSITIVE WORx!

PAWSITIVE WORx provides gentle, positive-reinforcement-based dog training services. We offer flexible, convenient, and private in-home training and behavior modification services. In-home training provides the scheduling flexibility that meets your lifestyle and allows you to learn to train your dog in individual home and neighborhood environments. Through in-home behavior modification, we help your dog overcome behavior challenges in the environment where those issues occur. Training will be fun for you and your dog! Our training will help you:

  • Increase your understanding of the other end of the leash—your dog!
  • Develop a happy, confident, well-mannered, furry family member
  • Socialize your dog to other people and dogs
  • Build a better relationship with your dog

Stacy Block of PAWSITIVE WORx'is a lifelong animal lover and a gentle, positive-reinforcement-based dog trainer. She grew up with dogs, but began training dogs formally as a volunteer trainer with the Denver Dumb Friends League. There she trained high-energy dogs and worked with fearful, anxious dogs for three years. Later, Stacy attended the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional program.

Stacy is committed to and uses the most current, science-based, positive training and behavior modification techniques. She follows the philosophies and methods of the industry’s positive reinforcement leaders, keeps abreast of modern, positive reinforcement techniques, and attends seminars throughout the year.

Along with her dog Jett, a handsome border collie/Australian shepherd mix, Stacy enjoys life. Together they enjoy hiking, camping, playing in the park, studying and competing in nose work sports, and learning new training tricks.

Services Offered: 
  • Convenient, custom, in-home, private training
  • Day training—training your dog for you
  • Basic pet manners/obedience training for puppies, adolescents, and adult dogs
  • New puppy preparation 
  • Canine Good Citizen preparation
  • Group nose work classes
  • Introducing new dog/newly adopted dog to household—preparation and training
  • Behavior modification training for common problems, including jumping, nipping, leash reactivity, separation anxiety, and more
Services Offered Summary: 
Convenient, in-home, positive-reinforcement-based training and behavior modification. Basic pet manners/obedience classes, puppy kindergarten, we-train-your-dog day training, introducing new/adopted dog to household, CGC certification prep, behavior modification for common problems (jumping, nipping, leash reactivity, separation anxiety, etc.)
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+1 (720) 212-1899
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+1 (720) 212-1899
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