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Steve currently serves as the Animal Enrichment and Behavior Manager for Anderson Animal Shelter. With the generous support of his mentors and peers, Steve is responsible for developing and implementing a positive, reinforcement-based behavior department. The Department aims to improve the lives of the shelter animals served, as well as the lives of the animals/people within our local community. While shelter work keeps him abundantly busy, Steve is also able to accept a limited number of clients for private, in-home consultation.

By developing a core curriculum and incorporating all of our direct animal care staff/volunteers in clicker training, we have been able to raise significantly our adoptions and live release rate, while reducing animal stress dramatically. Currently, Anderson is embracing and implementing low-stress handling and husbandry behavior training to further reduce animal stress. These efforts also educate the public, demonstrating the benefits of what we do and explaining why we take specific approaches.

Anderson Animal Shelter, along with Steve, believes in the power of positive reinforcement and behavior science to overcome behavioral challenges with a variety of species. All too often companion animals and their owners are subject to a variety of traditional methods that predispose them to an antagonistic relationship. By embracing continued education and contemporary behavior science, Steve is able to use positive reinforcement methods to guide owners and their animals to a lifetime of success and happiness.


Ever since he was a young child, Steve has been enthralled by every opportunity to interact with animals. He was fortunate enough to grow up caring for dogs and live near a thriving river valley/old growth forest. It was there that Steve developed a love of all living things, from mammals to birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and even insects and arachnids.

Prior to working at Anderson, Steve worked a variety of jobs from emergency veterinary technician, to landscaper, welder, fine artist, and chimney sweep. Ultimately, Steve found his passion in animal training, applying his knowledge to help the animals within the community to thrive. By becoming a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified training Partner (CTP), Steve learned even more that assists him in this endeavor. He feels empowered by networking with likeminded trainers.

Steve feels strongly that learning and training with multiple species lends itself to becoming a stronger trainer. While it's true that it's important to know your species, Steve feels that having a diverse group of animals to train requires a focus on the principles of behavior science and analysis to succeed. 

In addition to earning his KPA CTP, Steve holds a Shelter Behavior Affiliate (SBA) status from the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. He is a member of the International Association of Avian Trainers and Educators and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Firmly believing in continued education, Steve has had the privilege of traveling across the country to work with a variety of species, ranging from whales to pinnipeds, raptors, deer, and many others. 

Steve currently resides in Saint Charles, IL. He shares his household with a conure, a lovebird, a pair of doves, a bearded dragon, and Ralphy the pit mix.

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  • Adoption counseling and matchmaking for shelter animals currently residing at Anderson Animal Shelter (1000 South LaFox Street, South Elgin, IL)
  • Private, in-home consultation and training for dogs, cats, birds, and exotic species
  • Behavior consultation services for pet-/exotic animal-related businesses
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Animal behavior consultation services for private owners or businesses involving companion/exotic animals who wish to ensure a lifetime of success and happiness for both animal and human
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+1 (630) 345-0329
1000 South Lafox Street
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