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Our training methodology is called Z.E.S.T.—Zero Effort Stress-free Training!

No Stress, No Corrections, No Tears, No Nips. Just Happy Dogs and Happy Owners.

In-home consultations specializing in foundation behaviors, dog communication skills, children/puppy interaction, adult/first dog training, canine good manners in the home, CGC (Canine Good Citizen) coaching, agility, and clicker training skills for owners.


Richard has always loved animals and has had pets including exotic birds and marine fish, cats, dogs, chipmunks, and a turtle named Myrtle. His life changed in 1979 when he got his first Rottweiler from a breeder, who also happened to be his best friend and college roommate. Richard has shared his home with champion Rottweilers ever since, all named "Ski."

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, Richard began work for Standard Oil of Indiana. Throughout the 1980s he also ran a real estate-based business in Chicago, renovating small multi-unit properties and making them available to the mid/moderate-income community. Richard’s business plan included performing personal assessments of prospective tenants’ animals. He believed that many wonderful individuals were denied housing because of an unwarranted fear of destruction by their pets. In fourteen years of being a landlord, Richard never experienced a single instance of destruction by his tenants’ pets.

In 1991, Richard founded Custom Tailored Systems, Inc., a computer network support company, which he still manages. 

Richard devotes his time to learning all he can about all aspects of dogs and dog training. As a Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) graduate and Certified Training Partner (CTP), he now focuses on helping people and their pets live happy and mutually rewarding lives together.

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In-home consultations regarding behavior enhancement, pre-puppy preparation guidance, and cat-dog friendship-building

Classes in Life Skills (Basic and Advanced), Agility, Tricks, Treibball, and Relationship-building

Services are flexible to fit the individual needs of you and your dog

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