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As You Wish Assistance Dogs is an organization committed to enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities by helping them train their own service dogs. From finding a service dog candidate to becoming a fully-fledged assistance dog team, As You Wish is there to help!

Though As You Wish Assistance Dogs works primarily with service dogs, we also provide pet-dog training. If we are not able to assist you, we can find you the right resource! Not only do we use scientific and effective training methods that create rock-solid, reliable behaviors with your dog, our training will pave the way for a deep relationship based on mutual trust and respect that will last a lifetime!


Tasha Magnan not only has professional experience as a certified dog trainer, she also has personal experience with a disability and the freedom that a service dog gives to its disabled handler. After coming down with a disabling form of dysautonomia, Tasha was prescribed a service dog to mitigate the symptoms of her disability.

After researching several different service dog programs, Tasha found that there were few programs that could cross-train the tasks that she needed a dog to perform, and those that could had lengthy waiting lists! Not wanting to wait five years for a teammate, Tasha decided to owner-train her own assistance dog according to the standards set by the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners.

Through Tasha's experience training her own service dog, she was made aware of the incredible freedom that these dogs bring to individuals who struggle with disabilities. She also discovered the growing need for assistance animals, and the benefits received by both dog and handler through the process of owner training. Hoping to help others on this journey toward independence, Tasha received her professional dog trainer certification through Karen Pryor Academy, and started As You Wish Assistance Dogs. It is her goal and ardent wish to give others the same freedom that she experiences through her partnership with her service dog. Tasha and As You Wish Assistance Dogs aspire to use dogs as vessels for healing in the lives of those who need it most.

Services Offered: 

·         Assistance-dog training

·         Pet-dog training

·         Boarding

·         Consultations

·         Service-dog presentations


Services are offered in several different formats

·         Consultations

o   Consultations are available by phone, by Skype or in person. If you have questions or are interested in our assistance dog-or pet-dog services, this is the best place to start! Consultations typically last between 60 and 90 minutes.

·         Private Training Sessions

o   Private training sessions include: an hour of hands-on, one-on-one coaching with Tasha Magnan, KPA CTP, a follow-up e-mail with a personalized training plan and e-mail support as you move toward your goal.

·         Semi-Private Training Sessions

o   Semi-private training sessions include: an hour of hands-on coaching with Tasha Magnan, KPA CTP, a follow-up e-mail with a personalized training plan for each participant, and e-mail support as you move toward your goals.

·         Training Camp

o   Training camp includes 60 minutes of exercise, play, and training; a written summary of the training session; and action steps to continue working toward your goal.

·         Boarding

o   If you would like a certified, professional dog trainer to care for your dogs in a loving, home environment with access to trails, fields to run in, dogs to play with, farm animals to investigate, and a commitment to your dogs' well-being, then boarding is for you!

o   Boarding comes in two forms:

§  Regular Boarding

·         Regular boarding includes exercise, tender loving care, enrichment, a home setting, and a commitment to your dogs' well being.

§  Board-and-Train

·         Board-and-train includes: a consultation to discuss your training goals; minimally, two training sessions per day with your dog; a follow-up consultation to discuss what your dog learned and any action steps to take; all of the other benefits enjoyed by regular boarding clients!

·         Service-Dog Presentations

o   Service-dog presentations are a perfect way to educate your school, business, or organization about service dogs and the ways that they help disabled individuals. Presentations are also a great way to learn about laws regarding service dogs, the legal rights of service-dog teams, and the legal rights of businesses that serve service-dog teams.

A service-dog presentation includes a 30-60 minute presentation with time for answering any questions participants may have regarding service dogs. Presentations are free of charge!

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Services Offered: • Assistance-dog training • Pet-dog training • Boarding • Consultations • Service-dog presentations
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