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Tasha enjoys teaching families about clicker training; she shows them how the clicker is an amazing tool that can break the communication barrier between humans and dogs. Tasha believes that clicker training is an effective way to train a dog and build a strong bond.


Tasha Merchant is a recent graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy Dog Trainer Professional program. However, she has always had a passion for animals. Growing up, Tasha always knew that she wanted to have a career that involved helping people and working with animals.

Tasha received her biology degree from Lubbock Christian University and her master's degree in Interdisciplinary Studies (Non-profit management, Business Management, and Counseling) from Texas Tech University. While she was working on her master's degree, she and her husband found that they were expecting their first child. It was during this time that Tasha started researching animal behavior and dog training in more depth. The new parents wanted to be able to introduce the baby and dogs properly as well as work on training so the dogs and the baby could safely interact with each other.

It was then that Tasha realized her great interest in positive dog training. She discovered how positive training can be fun and rewarding for everyone involved. After graduating with her master's degree and spending her first year at home with her son, Tasha pursued her career in dog training. First, she completed the Karen Pryor Academy Foundations course, and then she went on to complete an intense six months of the KPA Dog Trainer Professional program.

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Tasha offers private lessons at her facility as well as in-home, private training. Recently, she launched puppy classes with two other trainers. All lessons provide help with basic manners, barking, digging, walking on a leash, etc. Tasha also helps families find a puppy/dog that best fits their family.

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Tasha provides private lessons at her facility, to help with basic manners, barking, digging, walking on a leash, etc. * She also offers in-home private training, and recently started puppy classes with two other trainers. * Puppy/dog family matching services
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