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Terry Ryan is the president of Legacy Canine Behavior & Training, Inc. View her upcoming speaking schedule here, http://www.legacycanine.com/workshops


Terry Ryan and her husband, Bill, live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. They raised their daughter and son with a wide variety of animals including, of course, dogs! Terry studied psychology as an undergraduate at Washington State University and was the Program Coordinator for the Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine there from 1981 until 1994. The program involved the study of the human-animal bond and implementation of animal-assisted activity/therapy programs.

For more than 50 years Terry has been training dogs and teaching others to train dogs. Early on, she founded Legacy Canine Behavior & Training, Inc., an organization specializing in non-coercive training methods for people and their dogs. For many years, the Ryans operated a large training facility, teaching a variety of training specialties including puppy classes held twice a week every week of the year. The site was designed and built especially for training and included features such as a private dog park for clients, an extensive library, behavior consultation offices, and various training and agility fields. To satisfy one of Terry’s passions, the campus doubled as a state-of-the-art chicken-training facility. Terry has been teaching “Chicken Camps” as a model for dog training since 1991. 

Terry trained her own dogs for various performance events including tracking and obedience. She was an AKC obedience-trial judge for many years. From the summer of 1997 to 2002, Terry taught six-day behavior courses with the staff at the American Wildlife Foundation, using imprinted wolves as the study subjects. Terry has had long-term contracts in several countries to create curricula and teach national dog-training and instructor-training programs. 

Terry has maintained membership and held various offices in local, national, and international organizations. She has served on various advisory boards as well. Terry has authored numerous books, some of which have been published in several languages. Her most popular book is Coaching People to Train Their Dogs. Her most recent book is Gamify Your Dog Training – Training Games for Group Instruction.

Through Legacy, Terry maintains a vigorous national and international workshop and seminar schedule. Her most popular workshops include her chicken-training camps, her instructor’s course, her training-games workshops, and a workshop focusing on behavior modification entitled Tools for Change: From Possibility to Probability – the Positive Way.

Terry has been on the faculty of t Karen Pryor Academy since it was founded in 2007, conducting workshops numerous times a year both domestically and abroad.

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