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Positive Transformations Dog Training and Behavior provides science-based, force-free, positive training methods that you and your dog will love! We offer in-home training and behavior consultations/evaluations and behavior modification, shelter/rescue dog assessments and training, pre-adoption consultations, and a variety of other services and programs/presentations. Our goals are to give you accurate and up-to-date information about dogs and to help meet the needs of your dog and your family.

We know the importance of creating calm, happy, and confident dogs that are enthusiastic about learning! We are excited about working with you and your dog to enhance and strengthen your special bond. The process of learning and growing should be fun and exciting for you both!

Proudly serving the central Missouri area since 2004.

Positively transforming the lives of dogs and their humans for the better!


For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals and have had a passion for them to share my life. When I was growing up, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by dogs, cats, horses, and even a skunk! My mother always said that the most important lessons she learned in life were taught to her by her dogs.

It was my mother who showed me the love and special bonds that can be shared with dogs, and how important it is to meet their needs and not just ours. She showed me that dogs need so much more than food, water, and a safe and warm place to sleep. Dogs need to be able to learn, grow, and gain confidence—just like us—and to have safe, loving relationships with humans. Humans are to be trusted and not feared! I have taken these early lessons to heart and have made it a life mission to protect, serve, and enhance the lives of dogs. Thanks, Mom!

Later in my life, when I set out to become a professional dog trainer, the only type of training available was traditional (punishent-based) training. I learned how to train with chain and prong collars as well as the use of correction.  By the late 1980s I became a traditional dog trainer. (Sorry, Mom!) I realized quickly that this was not the way to train dogs. I saw the harm that was done while training and the lasting, negative effect it had on the dogs. I continued my search for better and more humane training methods. In the early 1990s, thankfully , I found positive reinforcement training and I switched!

I continued to utilize positive reinforcement training methods (lure/reward) until I discovered clicker training in 2003. Once I understood the amazing science behind clicker training, I was hooked! I saw how clear, concise information gives dogs the ability to learn new things quickly and reliably. I also saw how fun and exciting it is for dogs to learn. I have been a dedicated clicker-trainer ever since! I’m delighted to be a part of the great clicker training tradition of excellence as a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP).

Over the years other aspects of my life have led me to live, work, and study on four different continents. All the while, loving dogs, meeting the needs of dogs, and training dogs have been the continuous passions of my life.

I have proudly served dogs in the areas of training service/therapy dogs and creating healthy, quiet, low stress kennels (kennel management), and have provided many years of training and behavior modification for rescued dogs in the great world of dog rescue!

Services Offered: 
  • In-home training and behavior consultations, evaluations, and behavior modification
  • Teach Me!—Basic foundation, manners, and advanced training for adult dogs; puppy socialization and good manners; Canine Good Citizen; introduction to service dog training
  • Take Me Home!—Rescue and shelter dog assessment, training, and pre-adoption consultations
  • Happy Vet Visits!—Teach your dog to love the vet and look forward to vet visits!
  • I Love my Groomer!—Teach your dog that going to the groomer can be fun and rewarding!
  • Know the Rules!(for kids and dogs)—Keeping children (and dogs) safe at home 
  • De-Stress for Success!—Creating healthier and lower-stress environments for dogs in shelters and kennels. Evaluating/assessing dog kennels and shelters and providing positive management solutions/strategies for achieving safe and healthy environments.
  • Presentations on positive, reward-based training and handling techniques for shelters, rescues, breeders, groomers, pet store owners, veterinarians, and their staffs.
  • Knowledge is Power! programs and lectures—“What is your dog saying?” (dog body language), “Living harmoniously with kids and dogs,” “How dog-savvy are you?” (myth-busting). Providing the most up-to-date, accurate, science-based dog information available.
  • Be-a-Tree presentations and bite-prevention programs
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Positive Transformations Dog Training and Behavior provides science-based, force-free, positive training methods that you and your dog will love! We offer in-home training, behavior consultations and behavior modification, shelter/rescue dog assessment and training, and programs in bite prevention, dog body language, and safe kids and dogs.
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