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Drop the Leash Dog Training creates GREAT results in a positive learning environment, ensuring lifetime success for your family! At Drop the Leash Dog Training we transform dogs and puppies into GREAT DOGS with a variety of private, in-your-home and group puppy and dog training options. Committed to training for a cooperative partnership, we strive to develop lifelong family companions.


From the time I was a little girl I have had dogs. By the time I was in my late teens, I knew that I wanted to work with dogs in some capacity. I considered going to veterinary school. However, in the fall of 1993 I adopted a beautiful, blue, standard poodle. Her AKC registered name was Patty’s Abrigail Blue; we called her Abbie. Bringing Abbie home, it was quickly apparent that she had suffered physical abuse and was very fearful around anyone wearing a hat or wielding a belt or newspaper. She also suffered from severe separation anxiety, to the point that she would claw, chew, tear things apart, and defecate trying to get out of either her kennel or the house. I knew that if I did not take action to resolve these issues with Abbie the problems would spiral out of control—to the point where Abbie would harm herself. Never mind the monetary value of the destruction she was causing in our home!

At this time, the internet was just making its debut into American homes; it certainly was not a resource for me when I began my research on how to resolve the issues with Abbie. I read countless books on dog behavior and dog training and worked tirelessly to solve her problems. It was not an easy task. After reading an immense amount of information about how to go about fixing Abbie’s problems, I started work.

As it turns out, the fearfulness Abbie displayed when she came to me was resolved via extensive positive experiences with new people. I took her everywhere, including work, and by the spring of 1994 she was much more confident around people. As for her separation anxiety, it was a very long recovery process and it was painful to watch. By the end of 1995, after much more research and training together, Abbie was finally free of this behavior. With this success with Abbie, I had found my calling. My work with Abbie would set me on a path to becoming a canine trainer and observer of behavior.

In 1995, after an already-extensive amount of researching, reading and studying (on top of running a successful, high-demand, dog-grooming business), I sold my company to follow my dreams of becoming a Certified Master Dog Trainer. I attended a popular dog training academy at that time. After completing my study and training, I started another business: training dogs, something I did in many states due to my husband's work. Very quickly I became successful and very busy with many clients who wanted help with common canine behavior problems. I worked this way for 20 years, all the while attending dog training and animal behavior workshops and seminars all over the country, constantly learning and applying new techniques throughout the years. In 2015, I was accepted to the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) for Animal Training & Behavior Dog Trainer Professional program. KPA is highly regarded throughout the dog-training community and its courses are sought after by training professionals around the world. 

After more than 20 years, I have come full circle. I have combined all of my knowledge, experience, education, and training and put it into Drop the Leash Dog Training. We are a positive reinforcement dog-training company showing undeniable results. Together, we can teach your dog the behaviors you want her/him to perform using positive reinforcement. The result will be complete trust with your canine companion and great behaviors that will stay long after the training is complete. I have used this training method with my own dogs and hundreds of clients throughout the years with a high rate of client satisfaction. It is my goal at Drop the Leash Dog Training to turn good dogs into great canine companions. Nothing says GREAT DOG like Drop the Leash Dog Training!

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Drop the Leash Dog Training offers convenient, in-your-home, puppy and dog training with flexible scheduling. We provide coaching for all life skills, including manners, obedience training, and behavior modification for puppies and adult dogs.

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Private, in-your-home, puppy and adult life skills training, including manners, obedience, and behavior modification
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