Details & Requirements

Who Should Take This Course

This course is designed for any veterinary professional, including technicians, veterinarians, and veterinary assistants. Trainers who work with vets, or pet owners who would like to improve their pets’ behavior during veterinary visits, will also benefit. No previous training experience is necessary.

Course Authors

The course was authored by Karen Pryor Academy faculty members, staff, Certified Training Partners, and members of the veterinary behavior community. Key contributors include: Linda Ryan, DipAVN (Medical), VTS (Oncology), RVN and KPA Faculty; Cheryl Kolus, DVM and KPA CTP; Lisa White, DVM; Kenneth Martin, DVM, DACVB; Debbie Martin, LVT, VTS (Behavior), KPA CTP and KPA Faculty emerita, Ken Ramirez, KPCT Executive VP and Chief Training Officer; Lindsay Wood, ACAAB and KPA Faculty, Shelly Brouwer, KPA Faculty; Laura Monaco Torelli, KPA Faculty; Leanne Falkingham, KPA CTP; Lily Strassberg, KPA CTP; and Lori Chamberland, KPA CTP.

Course Details

The Better Veterinary Visits course features clear and engaging content designed for our online classroom and includes dozens of high-quality videos and step-by-step training protocols. The course is divided into 5 lessons. Students can interact with peers via an online discussion board.

Students proceed through the course at their own pace and have access to the course for one year from their enrollment date.

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Continuing Education Units

Students of the Better Veterinary Visits course can receive CEUs for completion of the course.

  • The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) awards 21 CEUs.
  • The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) awards 16 CEUs.
  • Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) awards 21 CEUs.
  • This program was reviewed and approved by AAVSB RACE program for 12 hours of continuing education in jurisdictions which recognize AAVSB RACE approval. Please contact the AAVSB RACE program if you have any comments/concerns regarding this program’s validity or relevancy to the veterinary profession.
  • Enrollment Schedule

    Enroll online and start the course any time after you enroll. Once you have completed the enrollment process, you will be given access to the course and can begin right away! You will have access to the course for one year.

    Required Materials

    • A computer with high-speed Internet access
    • A modern web browser. We test with the latest versions of Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.
    • Support for Adobe PDF documents (the latest version of Adobe Reader or Mac OS X Preview)
    • Access to at least one dog or cat you can train regularly