Learning Goals

The Better Veterinary Visits course provides veterinary care teams with practical, easy-to-implement protocols that will transform the experience of the dogs and cats in your care. Our efficient, science-based training techniques will empower veterinary professionals to create enjoyable visits for pets, their owners, and your team.

In this course, you will learn:

  • how clicker training can help in veterinary care
  • how to help animals form and maintain a positive association with your vet clinic, common veterinary tools and equipment
  • to practice gentle techniques for handling, examining, picking up, and restraining animals in ways that minimize their stress
  • step-by-step training protocols for common procedures such as nail trims and tooth brushing, as well as diagnostic procedures such as venipunctures and temperature taking
  • how to advise clients about teaching useful husbandry behaviors
  • to observe the emotional state of dogs and cats by interpreting their body language
  • to teach new behaviors to help ensure animals’ success during a variety of medical procedures
  • quick solutions to manage behavior “on the fly,” for time-sensitive exams and procedures
  • to teach animals to tolerate ear, eye, and oral medications calmly
  • how to safely and comfortably transport and confine animals when needed, in a way that minimizes their stress
  • to identify and describe impact of key developmental periods on behavioral health
  • to guide clients toward effective training strategies
  • to help clients navigate solutions for behavior concerns
  • how to apply positive reinforcement training in your daily life